Royal Couple (William and Kate Middleton) meets Imran Khan in Green

Prince William and Kate Middleton meet 
Prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan
Image: Facebook.

Royal couple (Prince William and Kate Middleton) met Imran Khan at prime minister house. Once Imran Khan was not the prime minister of Pakistan when lady Diana came to Pakistan and wore Pakistani dress “Shalwar Qamees”. Once again a British Royal couple “Prince William and Kate Middleton” on the visit of Pakistan. The princes is wearing green and white Pakistani dress during their her meeting with Imran Khan. Watch the exclusive videos of Meeting Between royal couple and Prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan.

British Royal couple, Prince William & Kate Middleton meeting with PM Imran Khan
PM Imran Khan Meets Prince William & Kate Middleton At PM House | 15 Oct 2019
Kate Middleton wearing green during the meeting with Prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan.

Prince William is the son of Late Lady Diana.

🇵🇰 🇬🇧 Royal Tour: Prince William & Kate Middleton meets PM Imran Khan
Video: Prince William and Kate Middleton in Pakistan

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The royal couple has plan to stay in Pakistan for five days. They arrived Pakistan on Monday night, October 14, 2019.

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