“RSS kills our brothers with our money” Gulf Citizens Condemn Terrorist RSS


Voices are rising in the Gulf against atrocities by racist Hindu groups like RSS against Muslims in India. Abdur Rahman Nassar is one of those voices condemning the inhuman actions of The RSS.

Mob lynching of Tabrez Ansari by racist Hindu groups
On 17 June 2019, 24-year-old Tabrez Ansari was attacked by a lynch mob in Jharkhand, India. He was tied to a tree, brutally beaten on suspicion of bike theft; Ansari, a Muslim, was also forced to chant Hindu sayings. He died several days later, succumbing to the injuries.

Mob lynching and the genocide of Muslim citizens is becoming a common practice in India since the parties supported by a terrorist organisation ‘RSS’ came into power.

Kashmir is under a complete lockdown since August 5, citizenship rights of Muslims have been curbed in all over India, Muslims are being accused of spreading COVID-19, Novel Coronavirus, and are being arrested for offering their prayers.

A report reveals since Narendra Modi came into power, 23 thousand Muslims became the target of Hate crimes, Mob lynching, and terrorism of BJP supported RSS. Here is complete Data.

Despite all the atrocities and genocide of Muslims in the biggest democracy of the world, the developed world keeps silence only because India is a big market of their products, services and they get cheap Labour from there.

Even the rich Muslim countries haven’t acted against these inhuman practices of Racist Hindu groups including RSS and the government who support them (BJP government).

But some voices are rising in the Gulf countries which feed hundreds of billions of dollars to India annually. Abdur Rahman Nassar (عبدالرحمن النصار) a Kuwaiti Citizen continues to raise his voice against the genocide of Muslims in India and the terrorism of RSS. “RSS kills our brothers with our money, Abdur Rahman Nassar said in a tweet condemning the inhuman acts of RSS.”


Addressing the United Nations, Abdur Rahman Nassar shared some photos of atrocities committed by RSS and raised the question “UN Human Rights .. What is your position regarding the terrorist acts of the RSS party towards the Muslims of India?”


Abdur Rahman Nassar has been highly vocal about the way Indian Muslims are treated, despite Indian expatriates from 53 Muslim countries remitting $120 Billion per year to India.


Abdur Rahman Nassar is not the only Gulf citizen to raise the voice against RSS. The allegations and hostility have been criticized by many Gulf Citizens including Zahrani Abidi, Jamal Abul Hassan, Princess Hend Al Qassimi, and many others.

“We call on international organizations, especially the United Nations, the Security Council, the Organization of Islamic cooperation and all human rights organizations, to intervene immediately to stop the violations committed against our Muslim brothers in India, Jamal Abdul Hassan, an ex-parliamentarian from Bahrain said in a tweet.”

One of them made it clear that their voice is not against India or all Hindus, but it is against the racist groups like RSS Which are treating Muslims inhumanly and committing the genocide of Muslims in India.

“We are not against Hindus in general many of whom denounce the tyranny of the fascist group. We are against RSS the terrorist group that is wreaking havoc against Muslims in India.”

Dr Abdullah, the other voice against RSS, has also made it clear by saying “India is a large and ancient country, and people have coexisted peacefully between them of different religions and ethnicities for centuries, and these racist crimes against Indian Muslims will tarnish the image of India.”