Rubén Lanao blackmailed and spread intimate videos of his ex-girlfriend”: Juanita Gómez

    Ruben Lanao is trending on Twitter, TikTok and other social media platforms after he shared the private videos of his ex-girlfriend Paula.

    “Rubén Lanao is an accordion player who subjected his ex-girlfriend to blackmail, threatened her and leaked intimate videos of her when she refused to continue in a relationship with him. A ruling proves the victim right”: Juanita Gómez.

    A revealed chat shows Rubén Lanao’s warnings to his ex-partner before the leak of intimate videos.

    Leaked chat of Ruben Lanao with his ex-girlfriend

    In a scandal in the world of vallenato music, Rubén Lanao, accordionist for Silvestre Dangond, was accused by his ex-partner Paula (full name omitted) of harassment and of having published a video with intimate images of his ex-girlfriend without her consent.

    Ruben Lanao

    Paula, in a brave statement with journalist Juana Gómez from Semana Magazine , uncovered the details of a nightmare that began with the end of her four-year relationship with Lanao, at which point a wave of calls, messages and Most damaging, the disclosure of private videos that include an intimate moment of the couple and a recording of her in a bathroom.

    “This is one of those situations that you think you will never be involved in. My life took a 180 degree turn in a matter of hours, minutes. People have lost sensitivity with what they share and comment on, they do not realize that there are human beings behind the screens ,” Paula expressed to Semana Magazine , highlighting the devastating impact that this fact has had on her private life and her emotional well-being.

    After the intimate videos were disseminated on social networks, users did not know the author of this fact, but the young woman revealed that the accordion player wrote her a warning message prior to the publication of the clip: “If you receive a video from us, “Then don’t tell me anything ,” a phrase that demonstrates the musician’s guilt.

    A chat shows Rubén Lanao’s warnings to his ex-girlfriend before the leak of the sex video -credit screenshot from @revistasemana/Instagram

    The seriousness of the matter led “Paula” to request the intervention of the authorities, resulting in a guardianship ruling that orders Lanao to stop the dissemination of the material and eliminate it from all digital platforms within a maximum period of 48 hours. So far, Rubén Lanao has issued a statement regarding the accusations, meanwhile he continues his artistic agenda in Australia with Silvestre Dangond, while the young woman has not been able to leave her house out of fear : “I have not been able to practically even leaving my house out of fear.”

    The impact of this case resonates beyond Paula’s violated privacy because she herself highlighted that 60% of women between 18 and 45 years old are victims of revenge for the dissemination of intimate content, an alarming statistic that signals alarm. alarm at the magnitude of the social problem. The young woman, representing the voice of many, emphasizes the harmful role of those who share this type of content, even pointing out her surprise at the considerable number of women who participate in the dissemination of the videos.