• Ryland Adams Trends on Twitter after an old leaked picture of him resurfaced
  • Ryland Adams leaked picture shows his bare cheeks
  • The purported picture was first leaked by his fiance Shane Dawson last year on valentines day
  • People are reacting to Ryland Adams cheeks after his name appeared on Twitter Trends page

On February 8, 2021, Vlogger/Youtuber Ryland Adams trends on Twitter after an old leaked picture showing Ryland Adams’ Cheeks,resurfaced on social media.


According to details, on February 8, 2021, many Twitter users were caught off-guard after they tried to explore why Ryland Adams is trending on Twitter.

YouTuber Ryland Adams is Trending in the United States Twitter on February 8, 2021
Screenshot of Twitter Trends Page

After clicking the name of Ryland Adams on trends page, they surprised to see an old picture of Ryland Adams which was leaked by his fiance Shane Dawson earlier last year on his Instagram story. See Ryland Adams leaked picture, showing his cheeks, below.

Ryland Adams leaked picture trends after Ryland Adams caught showing his cheeks

Often spotted in vlogs and videos alongside his sister Morgan Adams and his fiance Shane Dawson, Ryland Adams is also known for his podcast “The Sip.” He co-hosts it alongside actress Lizze Gordon. He has 4.2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and 2.3 million followers on his Instagram account.

In February 2020, Ryland Adams became the victim of an unusual Valentine’s Day tribute after Shane Dawson decided to leak his revelatory picture online. He shared Ryland Adams cheeks on his Instagram story and the picture went viral.


The picture displayed Ryland Adams in a compromising situation. He was captured with his p*nts down and n*ked from the waist down.

At that moment on February 14, 2020, Dawson was quick to clarify that he posted the picture to troll his fiance. It looks like the internet is not quite ready to forget about it just yet.


The same picture of Ryland Adams resurfaced and became top trend. People were not ready for this surprise that’s why most of them were found searching “Why Ryland Adams is trending.”

But soon after they figured out that Ryland Adams cheeks are floating on their timelines, they regretted over their curiosity.


Many people are now trolling Adams with funny memes and reacting to his Cheeks by commentary.

See some of reactions, below.

After looking at Ryland Adams Cheeks on his timeline, a Twitter user ‘Sadie’ shared a funny meme and wrote: “Me setting up a meeting with my therapist after clicking on the ryland adams trending thread.”


Another user ‘Karla’ wrote: “i was wondering why ryland adams was trending until I saw his cheeks..”

More people react to Ryland Adams’s photo. One person said “If you posted the ryland adams picture you are literally going to the absolute deepest pits of f*cking hell you evil soul.”

Another person said: “Was wondering why ryland adams was trending and I regret looking through the hashtag 😀 dhmu going to do.”

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