Justice for Arsalan trends after the murder of a 23-year-old boy Arsalan Sheikh in Faisalabad

“Justice for Arsalan” became the top trend on social media following the murder of a 23-year-old boy Arsalan. According to details Arsalan who belonged to Faisalabad was an orphan boy who was financially supporting his whole family.

Arsalan Sheikh murdered in Faisalabad

According to initial reports, Arsalan went missing on July 11, 2020, when he left home to meet a friend Mudassir after receiving Mudassir’s phone-call.

Arslan’s uncle, Safdar Ali, has submitted an application against Mudassir with the suspicions of kidnapping his nephew, on July 12, 2020. However, police couldn’t find Arsalan until his dead body was found on July 17, 2020.

Copy of the police complaint against Mudassir alleged in Kidnapping of Arsalan

Sources say that Initial post-mortem report declared it (the death of Arsalan) a murder but after police tried to suppress, another postmortem was done and it reported the death as a suicide.

However, Police say they are investigating the murder of Arsalan and they have included the Murder provisions in the FIR (First investigation report).

Arsalan was working as a security officer in United Arab Emirates and was financially responsible for the needs of his whole family after the death of his father. He was currently on vacations in Pakistan.

Soon after the news of the alleged murder of Arsalan emerged on social media, people started a campaign seeking justice for Arsalan and appealing the arrest of culprits behind the murder of Arsalan. A hashtag #justiceforarslan emerged on Twitter and became top trend within a few hours with over ten thousand tweets.

justiceforarslan became top trend on Twitter
Image: Screenshot of top trends on Twitter in Pakistan

See some prominent voices on social media, seeking justice for Arsalan, in the tweets embedded, below.

Twitter user ‘Kinzyy Fatimah’ wrote: her tweet reads “Arslan, a 22 years old young boy, has been murdered a few days back and the police are hiding the facts to suppress the issue and to let it go unnoticed. But, we will not let it go. His murder needs to be investigated impartially.”

Who will support my family???#JusticeForArslan

#JusticeForArslan Why Insaf Govt couldn’t provide Justice to people of state … Is that Riasat e Madina So Called Riasat e Madina???

Such cases happen every other day and in such cases the case of the police is kept very secret. Strong people influence action and oppress victims…


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