Sadak 2 Trailer Video Became most Hated Video of YouTube History with Over 8 Million Dislikes in 36 hours

Sadak 2 trailer video became most Hated video of YouTube history after receiving 8 million dislikes in 36 hours of its release

Trailer video of Bollywood movie “Sadak 2′ became world’s most hated video of YouTube history by the numbers of dislikes in shortest time period of its Uploading on YouTube. Sadak 2 Trailer video has received 8 millions dislikes and only 300K likes (95% of likes vs dislikes ratio). Mahesh Bhatt’s movie Sadak 2 is schedule to release on August 28, 2020.

On August 12, 2020, the trailer video of the movie, Sadak 2, was published on YouTube. But angry fans took on dislike button and made the trailer video as the most hated video of YouTube history, within only 36 hours, after the release of the video.

Video: Sadak 2 Trailer video became tue the world’s most Disliked video of YouTube history

The reason behind this unusual reaction of the fans is the anger over death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Fans accuse Mahesh Bhatt, responsible for Sushant Singh’s death, (An Indian actor who died, apparently after committing suicide on June 14, 2020).

Sadak 2’s trailer video recieved 500K dislikes Within first two hours of its release at 10:AM on August 12 and it made it India’s .most disliked video on YouTube.

In the 6 hours if its release, it received 1.5 million dislikes.

On completion of 24 hours of its release, Sadak 2 trailer video received 16 million views, 453K comments (majority of them were negative comments), 286K likes, and 5.1 million dislikes which already made the trailer video as most Disliked video of YouTube history.

Now when 30 hours have been passed since the Sadak 2 trailer video was published on YouTube, the video has received 6.7 million dislikes so far.

At 36th hour, the video have received 32 million views, 690K comments, 430K likes and 8 million dislikes so far.

Watch Sadak 2 official trailer video, below.

Video: Sadak 2 official Trailer via FoxStarHindi

Poja Bhatt Reacted to the trend of Disliking Sadak 2. Watch her tweet, below.

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