Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 – Is it worth buying in 2023?

    When it came out in August of last year, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 got good reviews. Since 2019, when Samsung released the Z Fold line, they have tried to improve it.

    With the fourth generation of the device, Samsung has shown that foldable isn’t just a gimmick. In 2022, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 was one of the best phones and an excellent folding device.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - Is it worth buying in 2023?

    The Z Fold 4 was made with power users in mind and can do more than any other device. The big 7.6-inch screen has so much room when folded out that you can use four apps simultaneously.

    As the next year goes on, rumors about the future of Fold 5 will start to spread. Should you buy the Z Fold 4 in 2023, when it’s likely to come out in a few months? Let’s dive in deep.

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    Even in 2023, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the best foldable phone on the market.

    Hardware-wise, the Z Fold 4 is still valid.

    The Z Fold 4 has a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, an updated version of the 8 Gen 1 chip that had some heating problems. Thanks to the new 8+ Gen 1 processor, Qualcomm was able to fix the problem. The Fold 4 is a 4 nm chip with a maximum core clock of 3.19 GHz. It easily handles even the most demanding applications.

    The Z Fold 4 doesn’t stutter or lag at all. It has up to 12 GB of RAM and UFS 3.1 storage. This could also be because the One UI has dramatically changed since the TouchWiz OS days. These top-notch features won’t get old just because the device is entering its second year.

    In the same way, the screen on the Fold 4 is a beautiful 7.6-inch OLED display with 373 pixels per inch. At 1200 nits, the screen is also plenty bright. The device has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, making scrolling and animations smoother.

    Samsung’s One UI is a smooth and feature-packed Android skin.

    People who have used Samsung’s TouchWiz OS will never forget how terrible the user interface was. The One UI is not it, which makes it feel like the software team has risen from the dead. The Modern One UI 5 is a well-oiled machine that works well and has features that are full of valuable things to do.

    On top of that, Samsung is the first OEM to give its flagship and mid-range devices four years of OS updates. The Z Fold 4 came out with Android 12L, but it will get updates up to Android 16. Google, which owns Android, gives at least three software updates at a time.

    The One UI 5 and the fantastic shape of the device give it utility and multitasking features that have never been seen before. You can use the Fold 4 as a regular smartphone if you don’t want to use its folding features.

    There have been a lot of changes to cameras and battery life.

    Samsung’s Fold line wasn’t the best in terms of how well the cameras worked. In 2021, the cameras on the Galaxy S phones were still the best. With the Z Fold 4, the technology has improved and is now on par with the S series regarding quality and dependability.

    In the same way, the battery life is better than last year. This is because the 8+ Gen 1 chip is more efficient, and the 4400 mAh battery is more extensive. The Z Fold 4 should easily last a typical user a whole day. The phone can also be charged quickly with 25 W.

    The Z Fold 4 is different and more useful than most flagships.

    Switching between apps is probably the fastest of any phone because of the bottom taskbar, and the user interface (UI) made with a tablet. No other iOS or Android device makes it as easy to switch between tasks as the Fold 4.

    The Fold 4’s shape makes it possible to see all open Chrome tabs at once. It’s as easy to switch between these as typing letters on a keyboard; all it takes is one tap. Since the screen can be folded in the middle, you can also use the device like a laptop for a more relaxed viewing experience.

    For the high price, the user gets an experience that is made to help them do more than one thing at once. Also, the price of the Fold 4 should go down even more as we get closer to the release of Samsung’s fifth line of foldable phones in the coming months.


    The Z Fold 4 may have only one flaw: a crease that can be seen because the chassis folds. Samsung says this must be done to make the phone more resistant to water. If you can get past this and the high price, you’ll find an exciting and helpful device that should last for at least two years.

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