Santana Slim buss it challenge video goes viral after she gone top far in a white robe
Screenshot of white robe Girl’s buss it challenge video

Santana Slim Buss it challenge video in White Robe goes Viral on Social media because the girl gone too far in buss it challenge.


According to details, Santana Slim, a content creator, recently gone viral on social media after doing “buss it challenge in white robe.” Buss it challenge was initially a fun but Santana Slim gone too far while doing it. Watch Santana Slim buss it challenge video, below.

Video: Santana Slim buss it challenge in white robe

Alternatively, You can watch the full, unedited video here on this page.


What is Buss it Challenge

The Buss It Challenge has taken over social media in recent weeks, seeing people transform from a casual look to a full-glam version of themselves. Celebrities like Monica and Chloe Bailey have even got in on the action, and impressed fans with theirs.

Usually, the individual begins by lightly dancing to the Hot in her sample from Erica Banks’ Buss It. Then, when the chorus drops, so do they. The person (performing buss it challenge) transforms into a glamorous outfit and dances on the floor to Buss It.

That’s how it usually goes anyway.


How Santana Slim preformed Buss it Challenge in white Robe

Santana Slim has also started recording herself doing “buss it challenge” in a white bathrobe similar to others. But viewers were shocked after what they saw in few seconds passed of Santana Slim Buss it challenge video.

The video shows Santana Slim dropped on the floor while doing the challenge but it was not only the floor beneath her but something else. After her viral buss it challenge video, Santana Slim is now famous as white robe girl and people are hunting for white robe buss it challenge video all over the internet.

Ofcourse we are not going to upload full video here. But it is viral all over social media including Twitter herer.


How People are reacting to Santana Slim buss it challenge video in white Robe

People on Twitter are reacting to “Santana Slim Buss it challenge video” with funny memes.

Twitter user ‘Peebee’ came forward after watching the white robe girl buss it challenge video and wrote: “So uhm… there’s this video going around called “Girl in white robe buss it ” and my nosy @ss was doing everything to find the video— b1*CH I SHOULD’VE STAYED ON TIKTOK.”

“just scarred my eyes by watching the buss it challenge white robe video what the actual f**k I NEED HOLY WATER,” another user said in his tweet.

Twitter user ‘Jaleen’ wrote: “no one warned me about the white robe buss it video.”

Nicole de Guzman wrote: “Lol I searched “girl in white robe” buss it challenge due to curiosity and now I just cant unsee.”


See more reactions over white robe girl buss it challenge video, below.

“I was too stubborn and found the slim Santana buss it video and now I want to erase it from my memory.”

Who is Santana Slim ( The Girl in white Robe)

Santana Slim is an 0nle fans content creator. She has significant presence on the subscription based platform with over 100,000 subscribers. She has 154,000 followers on Twitter too and most of people followed her after her Buss it challenge video in white robe gone viral.


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