Sarah Boone Suitcase Video – Man died because of wife tyranny

    • A woman named Sarah Boone’s video is getting viral on social media platforms.
    • Sarah Boone packed her boyfriend in the suitcase and left him overnight.
    • Sarah Boone’s boyfriend later died in the suitcase because of sophistication, and Sarah Boone got stuck in the case of her boyfriend murd3r.

    The world is unpredictable. A lady ” Sarah Boone” killed her boyfriend just because of her entertainment. Or we say that they were doing some experiment or having fun together. But this fun experiment took the innocent life of Sarah Boone’s boyfriend. Sarah Boone video getting viral on social media platforms.

    In this article, we will discuss all the points related to this incident that happened before. Firstly I want to tell you that this is an old incident, but now “Sarah Boone Video” is hit the internet and become a hot topic of discussion.

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    Sarah Boone Video -Explained

    This is a scary story about a night of drinking that turns into a cold. Cruel morning of death because of unchecked anger. Sarah Boone of Winter Park, FL put her boyfriend Jorge Torres Jr., who was also 42, into a suitcase in February 2020. When she found him dead the next morning. She told the police that they had been playing hide-and-seek and she thought he could get out of the suitcase. When detectives checked her phone, they found videos that told a very different story.

    A woman named Sarah Boone's video is getting viral on social media platforms.

    At first, Sarah told the police that she hadn’t been that drunk the night before. She wanted to make sure everyone knew that she had fallen asleep by accident while Jorge was still in the suitcase and that she had not “passed out” from drinking.

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    Sarah Boone Suitcase incident

    She didn’t remember, though, that she had filmed proof of what happened the night before while she was very drunk. In the scary videos that the police showed Sarah, the camera was pointed at a green suitcase on the floor, and a man could be heard begging for help and saying that he can’t breathe.

    Who was the Boy in the Suitcase?

    As Jorge struggles to breathe, Sarah tells him that’s how she felt when he would choke her. Both of them had been arrested for assaulting each other many times in the past in Orange County, FL. Sarah was arrested in 2018 for choking Jorge. She said he hit her in the eye because she talked to another man in a bar. Jorge said he had to get her off of him so he wouldn’t die from being strangled. At the time, detectives weren’t able to figure out who had started the domestic violence.

    A woman named Sarah Boone's video is getting viral on social media platforms.

    Sarah told the 911 dispatcher the next morning that she didn’t know how Jorge died and that he might have had an aneurysm. She also says she got him out of the suitcase to do CPR, but when the paramedics get there, he’s still in the suitcase.

    How Sarah Boone Boyfriend Died?

    Jorge died of suffocation, and his body was also badly hurt, according to the autopsy. His head was cut and bruised, and he had a black eye. He also had bumps and cuts on his back and hands. He had been stuck inside the suitcase for 11 hours, it was found. At the time of his death, he was still drunk.

    Sarah Boone is in jail in Orange County, Florida, but she is not tied down. She is being charged with second-degree murder.

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