Saudi blogger Muhammed Saud visits Israel

27 Years old Saudi Blogger Muhammed Saud arrives Israel in the love of Jewish state. Muhammed Saud is from Riyadh city of Saudi Arabia but he is among those few who want better Arab/Israel relations. During the visit of Holly city of Jerusalem, Palestinian people and kids welcomed him with hate and curse. They were spitting on his face and calling him a traitor.

Palestinian boys spitting on the face of Saudi blogger Muhammed Saud on arrival in the holy city of Jerusalem.

Palestinians Spitting on Saudi Blogger Muhammed Saud in Jerusalem

The video of Muhammed Saud in which Palestinian kids spitting on his face, became viral on social media.

Saudi blogger dragged out of Al Aqsa mosque by Palestinians.
The complete story of Saudi Blogger’s visit to Israel.

“You are an animal, you are a traitor, curse on you” these were the words of Palestinian when they found Muhammed Saud on a street of Jerusalem.

This Saudi blogger Muhammed Saud is running a Twitter account with a Twitter handle @mohsaud08 and has 16,600 followers. He came in the focus on 31 March 2019 when he pinned a tweet writing ” Hello everyone, My I am from Saudi Arabia and my name is Mohammed Saud I love Israel and I invite you to vote for @netanyahu no one is like him at all he is the best”.

It seems as he is trying to influence and to change the Arab Israel relationship towards friendship. All of his tweets are showing his love for Israel. Muhammed Saud keeps sharing the tweets of Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli government officials. He also sent greetings on 71st independence day if Israel.

This Saudi blogger Muhammed Saud is not the first influencer who is trying to show his love for Israel. There are several Arabs who want to end the rivalry between Arabs and Israel. But in the circumstances when Israeli war plains keep bombing innocent Palestinian, it does not seems possible that Arabs and other Muslims (public specifically) will change their minds about Israel.

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