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    Season 4 Chapter 3 of Fortnite You can gain up to 1000000 experience points from an AFK XP bug

    AFK XP bug – As soon as a new Fortnite season starts, players become obsessed with getting to level 100 and unlocking all of the cosmetics a Battle Pass offers because there are so many unique cosmetics on the table in Chapter 3, Season 4.


    So, they started working hard to get as much XP as possible. But when players run out of quests to do to get more XP, the famous XP glitch creative maps come in handy.

    Season 4 Chapter 3 of Fortnite You can gain up to 1000000 experience points from an AFK XP bug

    Popular YouTuber GKI is known for finding this trend in Chapter 3 of Fortnite when Epic made Creative XP count toward Battle Pass XP. If you do it right, the latest map from the creator can give you up to a million XP through the AFK XP bug. This is the fastest way for them to get to level 100, which is legal.

    Even though the map is pretty big, the reward is worth the hard work. Here’s how to use this creative glitch map to earn up to 1,000,000 XP.


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    The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 XP glitch map can shoot players to level 100.

    This creative Fortnite glitch map from GKI lets you earn a lot of XP even when you’re not playing (away from the keyboard). At first, the steps might seem hard to understand, but if you follow them carefully, you’ll get good results.

    Still, Fortnite hasn’t decided how much XP you can get in creative mode. This means there’s no daily limit on how much XP you can get from glitch maps.

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    Follow these steps to get XP from this AFK glitch map:

    • Open the menu where you choose the game mode.
    • Click on the Island code button.
    • Use the following map code: 6022-6469-2813
    • Private Matchmaking is a way to get on the map.

    AFK XP bug – You will need to go to a vault at the island’s far end as soon as you spawn. Then, start building the floor toward the space to get behind the vault and use the invisible button.

    This will put you in a room with a bunch of other buttons. One will say “AFK XP BUTTON,” and you’ll have to click on it to get XP. You’ll go back to the 1v1 arena when you press it and get small amounts of XP from the XP counter.

    To get more XP while you’re away from the game, go near the changing booth and press a hidden button behind it. This will take you to a new room with two non-player characters.

    Interact with the Fortnite NPC on the right to make the XP counter go up. After that, you’ll respawn in the 1v1 arena. But that’s not the end, because you have to do this step again. It would help if you talked to the NPC on the left side of the room this time.


    When you do this, you’ll get another dose of XP. Afterward, go behind the vault and press the other buttons, not the AFK XP button. In this case, use the BOUNCERS ROOM button to get to a room with Bouncers. Keep bouncing on the pads and getting XP until it slows down, at which point you should go to a different room to keep moving forward.

    Even though the Fortnite AFK XP bug glitch can speed up your run to level 100, you can’t be sure how much XP you’ll get. The amount can be different for each player. If a player’s XP counter slows down around a million, they might feel slightly down.

    In Fortnite, you need 80,000 XP to level up one tier of the Battle Pass. This means players must grind for a few hours to reach level 100. Some people find the ground boring, but the results are worth it.

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