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    setsuna_Belaqua, lisaaemanuel, lemelon6 and mackenzieleeray Twitter pages trends for Howie Mandel Prolapsed video

    Photo of deleted Howie Mandel prolapsed video on TikTok

    Howie Mandel prolapsed video is currently popular and with the viral video, some Twitter users are also making place on Twitter’s trending page and on TikTok. People are wondering who are setsuna_Belaqua, lemelon6, lisaaemanuel and Mackenzieleeray on Twitter.


    Many people are talking about setsuna_Belaqua Twitter account, Lisaaemanuel Twitter account, lemelon6 and mackenzieleeray Twitter account and suggesting others to look on their recent tweets.

    However, people are curious to know who are setsuna_Belaqua, lisaaemanuel and mackenzieleeray on Twitter and why are they getting popular. We will tell you who they are and what is Howie Mandel prolapsed video.

    Howie Mandel prolapsed video

    On July 8th, 2022, fans of Canadian comedian, Howie Mandel, left Scandalized when Howie posted a video on TikTok with his 9.8 million followers. The video shows a photo of Prolapsed Anus of a man who can be seen sitting on his knees. In the corner, Howie placed his video clip talking about the prolapsed photo of his friend.


    Howie Mandel said in the video:

    “When my friend Neal bent over this happened. Does somebody know if this is covid related? And if it is, what do we do about it?”

    Howie Mandel in his controversial TikTok video

    It seems that intention of Howie, behind this TikTok video, was only a joke and make people smile. But it went wrong and sparked outrage among his followers and others.

    People began criticizing Howie Mandel for this TikTok video and the video is now labeled as “Howie Mandel prolapsed video.”


    After receiving backlash from his fans, Howie Mandel deleted the video from his TikTok account. But it was too late to do so because some of his fans have already downloaded the purported video and shared it on Twitter.


    lemelon6, setsuna_Belaqua, lisaaemanuel and mackenzieleeray are those Twitter users who shared Howie Mandel prolapsed video on Twitter and gained the attention of thousands of Twitter users.

    You can watch, Howie Mandel TikTok video (Howie Mandel prolapsed video) on Twitter by going on Twitter to setsuna_Belaqua Twitter page (link to the video), Lemelon6 Twitter page (Link to the video), lisaaemanuel Twitter page (link to the video) and Mackenzieleeray Twitter page (link to the video).

    Howie Mandel is a Jewish-Canadian who was born in Toronto, Ontario in Canada and is 66 years of age as of the year 2021. He is also of Romanian and Polish descent. Howie found some work for him as a carpet salesman as well as being a stand-up comedian on the stage at night in Toronto’s Yuk Yuk’s comedy club.

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