Seventeen Wonwoo’s Mother passed Away


Korean boy band Seventeen, recently lost his mother to sickness. Wonwoo, one of the members of the South Korean boy band Seventeen, recently lost his mother to sickness. Let’s explore who Seventeen is? And what’s the reason of his mother’s death?


Who is Seventeen Wonwoo?

Seventeen (Korean: 세븐틴), also stylized as SEVENTEEN or SVT, is a South Korean boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2015. The group consists of 13 members divided into three sub-units, each with a different area of specialization: a ‘Hip-Hop Team‘, ‘Vocal Team‘, and ‘Performance Team‘.

Seventeen has been considered a “self-producing” idol group, with the members being actively involved in the songwriting and other aspects of the group.

Pledis Entertainment, the entertainment firm that founded the band, just released a statement announcing the rapper’s mother’s death and urging fans to show their support for the rapper and his family.

Wonwoo’s mother, passes away due to illness.

Pledis Entertainment, the agency that manages the South Korean boy band, just published a statement confirming that Wonwoo’s mother passed away on April 6, 2022 in the morning, according to Pinkvilla.

While they did not specify the cause of her death, they did say she died of an illness.

They also stated that Wonwoo, the Seventeen rapper, is currently in the funeral home and that the funeral will be attended by relatives and close friends.

They even begged fans to give the rapper and his family space to mourn the loss of their mother, while also asking for their kind attention and support.

Hello! This is PLEDIS Entertainment. SEVENTEEN member WONWOO’s mother passed away this morning from an illness. WONWOO is currently at the funeral hall, and the funeral will be held with family and close friends. We ask for your kind consideration and support so that WONWOO can have a period of mourning with his family. May she rest in peace.’