Shahbaz Sharif is More Handsome Than Imran Khan – Reham Khan


EX-Wife of prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, Reham Khan says “Shahbaz Sharif is More Handsome Than Imran Khan”. In her recent video statement Reham Khan said: “Imran Khan assume himself ‘A Bollywood Star’ but when Shahbaz Sharif looks better than him, he feels jealous and criticize him by calling ‘ShowBaz’. But in-fact Shahbaz Sharif follows the fashion and Brands more than Imran Khan”. Watch the latest video statement of Reham Khan, below.
Video: Reham Khan says: Shahbaz Sharif is More Handsome Than Imran Khan.

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Reham Khan added in her video statement “Imran Khan thinks that only he can wear stylish Hat and long shoes”. Reham Khan leaves no chance to speak against her ex-husband. That’s why people on social media started to call her “A Psycho” who is losing her mind after realising that she missed th3 chance to be “The first lady of Pakistan”.