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    Shamar Leaked Video on Twitter – video shows Shamar Mcco is no longer a Gay

    Shamar leaked video shows that Shamar Mcco (mccoshamar) is no longer a gay. Shamar leaked video is currently trending on social media and we will explain the reason why this video (which is actually leaked video) is going viral.

    American social media star Shamar trends after his leaked video proves that he is straight

    Known by his comedy and lip-sync TikTok videos, American social media star Shamar is currently trending on Twitter and TikTok because of a private video of him which got leaked online. After the purported video emerged on Twitter, his fans are now convinced that he is no longer a gay. Before this video came online, All of his fans were thinking that he is a gay.

    Earlier this year, in January 2022, A video of Shamar and Larry appeared online which showed that Shamar is a gay. However, this new video which appeared on Twitter on July 8th, 2022, shows that Shamar has a secret girlfriend and he is straight.

    Many TikTok users, who have seen the leaked video of Shamar, are now suggesting others to watch it on Twitter.

    The purported video of Shamar, which was first shared on Twitter by a user “RidDaFreak” and then by another user “yummi_kucci” shows shamar with an unidentified girl. You can watch the Shamar leaked video on Twitter by going on this link or alternatively, Shamar leaked video full video can be found here. Also, for the full video, you can go to RidDafreak Twitter post with the video.

    Warning: The video may inappropriate for some viewers. Discretion is advised.

    Twitter Reacts to Shamar leaked video

    Since the Shamar leaked video appeared on Twitter, people are debating that Shamar is no longer a “Gay”.

    Reacting to the purported video, a Twitter user wrote “Shamar- I will never trust tiktok again…”

    Another user, ErikaGram” wrote: “that shamar video is stomach churning 🤢 she deserve a baby that look just like him for that 🤮🤮”

    “Just saw a video of shamar fckin a woman,” wrote another user.

    One person wrote: “Girl, poor Shamar, couldn’t even help cause he laid out on the bushes. 😭😭.”

    See more reactions over Shamar leaked video, below.

    Who is Shamar

    Shamar is an American Social media star who is best known for the dance, lip-sync and comedy videos he posted to his former mccoshamar TikTok account. His fans boosted him to over 500,000 followers on the app. 

    However, his mccoshamar TikTok account was banned in February 2022. He made another TikTok account with ID “Shamaristhatb” which has now 46.7K followers.

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