In this modern world where the lifestyle is being changed or enhanced as compared to past years. People are working to invent something more comfortable for this world. Since 1994 the year when the first secure retail transaction over the web by Internet Shopping Network. After that online shopping system comes into place. Now people can order whatever from their home or anywhere.

Although there are many online sites available for online shopping, the user really lacks is the physical experience of the product. According to a survey, 11% of Pakistani people do online shopping, it is because of inadequate quality of product received or they have the natural habit of buying things manually by seeing the product from every side. Online shopping has a disadvantage of searching the products, user find difficulties in searching for the right products? Or searching the products right? While searching online sometimes the user didn’t know about the product name or sometimes the user gets multiple options against a product which results in a user’s confusion.

8 ShopVersia - Virtual Reality Based E-Commerce Store

The students of Comsats University Islamabad, Main Campus named Musharib Iqbal and Hafiz Muhammad Hanzila Mubashir who came up with an idea under the supervision of Assistant Professor COMSATS University Islamabad Dr. Munam Ali Shah to convert this shopping system into Virtual Reality Shopping System.

The objective of the proposed project is to build a Virtual-Reality Based Application for a shopping system. The application will let the user purchase things in a computer-generated shopping center, which will allow the user to experience the real essence of shopping. With the help of a virtual reality based device and controllers, the user will be able to move in the shopping center, to pick a product that can be added into a cart and enjoy the shopping from home but in a real environment. The user will be able to see the details of the selected product in a dialogue box like name, price, detail, etc., and the system will help the user to select the product. The user will have the freedom to deselect the products and proceed to the final checkout. The application must facilitate the users in finding and purchasing different products without the hassle and within very little time. This bad experience of online shopping can be turned into joy and fantasy by using Virtual Based Environment.

4 ShopVersia - Virtual Reality Based E-Commerce Store

These Students have named their project ShopVersia, which can become future of traditional based online shopping as well as an online web-based shopping system. Shopping in a virtual reality based environment can prevent many physical and financial efforts. They have won awards in competitions against different universities in Visio Spark and won the overall best project award in Comsats Career and Project Expo at Comsats University Islamabad, Main Campus.

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