• Allegedly, Silent Girl leaked video emerged on social media and became viral
  • Silent girl is a Pakistani TikTok star who is also famous by her dialogue “Bawa G Sialkot “
  • Social media users are hunting for Silent girl leaked full video (also famous by the title Bawa G Sialkot leaked video
  • Besides the video, there are also several pictures of Silent girl with Shammas Nawaz leaked and went viral
Silent girl viral video

TikTok star Silent Girl’s (TikTok ID: @silentgirl0) alleged private video emerged online with the title of “Bawa G Sialkot leaked video” and sent social media users into a frenzy. According to details Famous Pakistani TikTok star ‘Silent Girl, who is also famous by the nickname “Bawa G Sialkot,” became the latest victim of leaked video series.

Moving towards the details of the purported video (Silent Girl’s leaked video), An alleged video of Silent Girl with the title of (Bawa G Sialkot leaked video) emerged on social media on November 16, 2020, and became viral. The viral video shows alleged TikTok star video-filming herself while in her room under a bed-sheet. Let’s have a look at Silent girl’s leaked video.

Video: Silent Girl leaked video (Alternative Title: Bawa G Sialkot leaked video)

Social media users are hunting for Silent Girl’s leaked video on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram and “Bawa G Sialkot leaked video” is trending on social media in Pakistan. Meanwhile, many Twitter users have shared the full leaked video of Silent Girl on Twitter. You can watch the full video of Silent girl here.

Although it was not confirmed at the first instant that the girl in the viral video is Silent girl or someone closely resembling to her. However most of people are claiming the girl in the viral video is “TikTok star Silent Girl” for sure.

Silent Girl responded to her leaked video scandal

Finally, Silent girl has broken her silence over the leaked video which was getting viral all over social media. She published a video On her official YouTube channel denying that the girl in the purported video was her.

She said in her video statement that she was silent over the issue because she was gathering the evidences and details of the girl shown in the viral video and tagged over her. Silent girl said in her statement:

“I was silent during past week because I was collecting proofs to deny that the girl in the viral video is me (as people claimed during last week). But now I have full details and the viral video and I can prove that this girl is someone else but not me. People, who are labeling my name over this video, should think that they also have sisters in their homes and a similar label can be return over their family members too.”

Response of the Silent girl over alleged leaked video

She further added “The girl shown in the viral video has tattoos over her shoulder and on other parts, but I have no tattoo on any part of my body.”

Silent girl leaked with TikTok star Shammas Nawaz

However, besides the viral video, there are several private pictures of Silent girl with another TikTok star Shammas Nawaz are also circulating on social media. People are making memes of Silent Girl’s leaked pictures with Shammas Nawaz.

Shammas Nawaz has 368K fans on TikTok and he has been seen with Silent girl in dozens of TikTok videos.

Wiki of TikTok Star “Silent Girl” and Back Ground of Bawa G Sialkot leaked video (Silent Girl Leaked video)

Silent Girl's TikTok Profile
Image via TikTok

Born on May 21, 2001, Silent Girl, whose real name is unknown for the public, is a famous Pakistani TikTok star. She originally hails from Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan.

She became famous on Lip-sync short video sharing platform TikTok by her dialogue “Bawa G Sialkot” which she uses in most of her TikTok videos. “Silent Girl” has amazed 3.1 million followers and 57 million likes on her TikTok Account. Watch one of her TikTok videos, below.


Link tiktok k sath dakh kr btana zaror love u All #silntbaby @shammasnawaz

♬ original sound – Silnt Girl0😎❤️

She has a significant presence on Instagram also with 61K followers. Her Instagram account ID is @silentgirl0.

Earlier this month, another Pakistani TikTok star Nadeem Mubarak (professionally known as Nadeem Naniwala) was also trending on social media because of a similar leaked video scandal. Interestingly, Silent Girl was one of those few TikTok stars who were roasting Nadeem Naniwala over his leaked video scandal. And now what? “ Her own leaked video is trending and other TikTok stars are roasting her.

Many people assume that these TikTok stars including “Nadeem Naniwala and Silent Girl” are intentionally leaking their private videos in order to gain popularity and more followers. Because many TikTok stars used this trick of popularity in the past also. Silent girl had also gained half million followers after her alleged leaked video as she had 2.6 million followers before this video appeared online and now she has 3.1 million followers and numbers are growing rapidly.

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