Today Google celebrates Singapore’s Bicentennial. The occasion commemorates the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles in Singapore. It was a key milestone in the nation’s history. While 1819 was a turning point for the development of the Singapore island. the Bicentennial is also a chance for Singaporeans to rediscover the rich history of the island before Raffles—which spans as many as 500 years prior to the British stateman’s arrival. A heptagon surrounds the Singapore skyline in today’s Doodle, in honor of the 700 years of development that the island nation has undergone.

Singapore's Bicentennial and Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles
Google Celebrates 200th anniversary of Singapore’s founding. Source.

Singapore’s long and diverse history will be at the center of the celebration through a calendar of events and exhibitions spanning most of 2019. The Bicentennial will shine with a multimedia sensory experience at the Fort Canning Centre. Singaporeans can walk through key historical periods including the settling of early communities, the arrival or Raffles, and augmented reality tours of the Singapore River and Fort Canning Park.

Singapore Bicentennial light installations: Sneak preview

Bicentennial Highlights.

  • Special Edition of i lights Singapore and the light to night festival. 
  • Kick off the Bicentennial commemoration.
  • Bridge Spanning the Singapore river will be transformed with light installations by artist Michele Lee and 5 international Counterparts.

Here is a Sneek Peek.

  1. Time Rhythem at Anderson Bridge.
  2. Oriflammes af jubilee Bridge.
  3. Singapore Bicentennial light installations: Sneak preview
    Singapore Bicentennial light installations: Sneak preview. Jubilee Bridge Singapore : image YouTube.
  4. Time Frame under Esplanade Bridge.
  5. Through Her eyes at National Gallery Singapore.
  6. Run Beyond , Elgin Bridge.

The Display Runs from Jan 28 – Feb 24

Singapore Bicentennial
Celebrating the Singapore Bicentennial 2019.

Bicentennial Singapore | Founding of Singapore | Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles 

On 28th January 1819, A ship ( Indiana ) was sailing towards Singapore. The ship was carrying Raffles. A group of Sepoys and Farquhar ( European from Scottish origin ) were with them on the ship. They were looking for a suitable place for British trading settlement. The British government was in need of a place that was free of Dutch Control. Their ( British) priority was to maintain good relations with them at the same time. Upon reaching the Edge of Singapore river Sir Stamford Raffles saw the island through his telescope.

On 29 January 1819, Raffles and his assistant Major William Farquhar landed on the Island of Singapore. At that moment there was only a small Malay fishing village on the Island. Forest and Swamps were surrounding the village. Some Orang Laut and Chinese were living near the village. The houses were all cluttered in a disorderly manner.


Sir Stamford Raffles was impressed after seeing things in Singapore. Because Singapore had an harbour with deep waters for big ships to call on the port and plenty of fresh water. He realised that it will always remain a free port and It is situated on the main Route between India and China. That means the perfect trading junction between two big and heavily populated countries. Looking on to this point, Sir Stamford was able to imagine that Singapore would grow into a Prosperous port in the feature.

A Ceremony was held to Install Tengku Hussein as the Sultan of Singapore. But He was no more than a British puppet. All control of the Singapore was in the British hands. Raffles, Sultan Hussein and Temenggong  signed an agreement. That agreement allowed Raffles to set up a British trading settlement in Singapore.

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