This morning Siri Lanka is hit by series of Blasts on CHRISTIAN Churches and hotels. Reportedly 156 people dead and 500 injured in 6 blasts on Christian churches at the celebration of Easter in Siri Lanka today.

Three hotels and three churches were hit by blasts in Capital city of Colombo at Sunday morning at 8:45 Am when Christian citizens of Siri Lanka were busy in Worship and celebrations of Easter. More than 50 people died in the blast in a single church as people gathered to celebrate The Easter.  According to Police, Three churches – St Anthony’s Church in Colombo, St Sebastian’s Church in the western coastal town of Negombo and another church in the eastern town of Batticaloa – were targeted.

No one came forward to claim the attack. Siri Lanka is mainly a Buddhist country with 10 percent of the Christian population.

Siri lanka Explosions
These are the pictures of Churches in Siri Lanka after a series of Blasts

Siri lanka hit by series of Blasts

This is one of most horrific attack since decades. since the Civil war was ended in 2009 Siri Lanka gained a reputation for tourism. 60 percent of the money for Siri Lankan economy comes from tourism each year. Also watch: Gori Niaz A 20 Years Old Girl Married with 60 Years old man Reality

Recently inter-religious tensions were rising between different ethical groups but many Siri Lankan blames to India behind these unrest and terrorist activities. But many Buddhist political leaders also pushing anti-Muslim and Anti-Christian sentiments in the past few years.

Siri lanka Blasts
Security has been tightening after Deady Bomb Attacks in Capital of Siri Lanka Colombo.

Medical teams and Ambulances arrived at the scene after blasts for medical help of injured people.

Video of Siri Lanka After Series of Blasts and Public Response

People all over the world showing deep grief over the series of blasts in Siri Lankan Capital of Colombo. Here is the video after the explosions at Christian Churches in Siri Lanka.

People around the world showing solidarity with the victims of Blasts in Siri Lankan Capital Colombo.

Recent Updates

According to recent updates the number of explosions in Siri Lanka rose upto 8 as 8th explosion hit in the capital Colombo.

World Leaders Condemning the Attacks on Christian churches in Siri Lanka.

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