Social Media Trolls India After IAF Receives first Rafale

Indian Air force receives first Rafale (Dassault Rafale fighter Jet).
Image: Twitter.

France: Indian Air Force just received firt Rafale (Dassault Rafale) fighter Jet to improve its combat capabilities. The price of this 4.5th generation warplane is $90 million.

At the ceremony in Paris, French became surprised when they saw India’s defence minister Raj Nath and Air Cheif coming up with a new way of Protection for its first Rafale. Watch the funny moments below.
Indian defence minister at the ceremony of receiving first Rafale for IAF.

Social media users are making fun of how Indians are using lemon and Coconut to protect Dassault Rafale against Pakistan Air force. Watch the funny trolling by social media users after Indian defence Minister used lemon and Coconut on the Airframe of Dassault Rafale.

Social media Trolls on India’s First Rafale