#softwillyisoverparty trends and Here is what Happened in Florida and who is Myra trending with Softwilly

What happened to Softwilly in Florida and who is MYRA with Softwilly

On June 3, 2021, #softwillyisoverparty trends on Twitter and users are confused why “#softwillyisoverparty” is trending, what happened in Florida and who is “MYRA” which was heard with Twitter trend involving YouTuber Softwilly (real name Nick).

According to the details, hundreds of tweets emerged on Twitter with the hashtag “#softwillyisoverparty” and talking about something Softwilly did in Florida. Meanwhile many tweets mention a girl “MYRA” with whom Softwilly did something wrong.


At the first instant, famous YouTuber ‘Keemstar‘ tweeted: “@softwilly You’ve been canceled”

Following Keemstar, a flood of tweets and trolls emerged on Twitter which shows people outraged over Softwilly and some are forgiving him so easily.

A Twitter user ‘Emily’ wrote in a tweet: “i can’t believe he would do something like this…. this is why we stan chewie #softwillyisoverparty.”


“Why wasn’t he canceled before this is just disgusting. Get him banned from florida✊🏽✊🏽 #softwillysoverparty #softwillyisoverparty @SoftwillyAlt,” another user added.

“genuinely cant wrap my mind around what happened in florida i dont know how he would do such a thing #softwillyisoverparty,” one user wrote.

One Twitter user wrote: “it hurts even more.. now that we know about the whole myra situation. wtf nick i feel sick. how could you do something like that #softwillyisoverparty.”

Another user added: “yall forgave him TOO EASILY… what he did is unacceptable… i can only imagine how myra feels right now.. #softwillyisoverparty.”

See more reactions over Softwilly, below.


What Softwilly Did In Florida and who is MYRA?

After digging into Twitter, we found some tweets talking about a girl “MYRA” whom Softwilly allegedly sent an inappropriate photo claiming of him. People believe that MYRA is an under age girl and Softwilly should be banned from “Florida.” One thing should be clear here that “Florida” is the name of a Discord server managed by Softwilly and people here are not talking about Florida state. They are demanding that Soft Willy should be banned from Discord server “Florida” for him sending hus inappropriate picture to MYra.

Due to its nature, we can’t upload the purported photo of Softwilly here but it was shared on Twitter by several users and you can see it here and here.

Softwilly Issues an Apology to MYRA and his fans

During the flood of trolls and backlash, Softwilly issued an apology to MYRA and to his fans.

In a tweet on his Twitter account, Softwilly wrote: “I owe you guys an explanation,,, Read: Link to Twitter Longer.”

In his Tweet, he added a link to Twitlonger which reads:



My greatest apology to myra… I truly fucked up this time and I’m sorry. If you could find it in you to forgive me, any of you, I’d appreciate it. Once again, Myra if you’re reading this- I’m sorry.”

Nick (born: July 1, 1999 (1999-07-01) [age 21]), better known online as Softwilly, is an American YouTuber known for making meme videos on the texting platform Discord with other YouTubers such as Isaacwhy and bearbbub.

He has 738K subscribers to his YouTube channel ‘Softwilly’ and has over 50 million views on his videos in combine.