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    Soltechx Review: Options Traders Become a Better Traders Using Soltechx

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    The options market is among the most lucrative and ever-growing. Many people dive into the options market as soon as they know the amazing perks it provides. On the other hand, not all who invest in this market reap rich rewards; an individual who gets the best broker often stands the best chance of striking it big in the options trade.

    What is Soltechx?

    Soltechx has been around for many years ago. The target customers are active and occasional equities and options traders, particularly cost-conscious people.

    Indeed, before jumping on board for the good deals, it is vital to remember that Soltechx has a limited array of offerings but has remarkable tools and resources that long-term traders and beginners may find useful. This broker has seen a considerable increase in activity from inactive account holders as well as new traders over the previous year. This broker plans to ramp up its instructive outreach to serve many traders.

    Who is Soltechx For?

    Soltechx targets clients who trade equities and options, it doesn’t matter if it is frequently or occasionally. This broker provides low costs without a frill approach to trading. While active stock investors and long-term traders might find the bells and whistles, they look forward to a trading broker, cost-focused options investors will undoubtedly take pleasure in the $0.10 options agreement charges.

    Pros and Cons


    • Good value of frequent traders.
    • User-friendly browser-based trading broker.
    • Automated trading from newsletter trade signals.
    • Auto trading from newsletter trade alerts.   


    • Limited range of offerings.

    Is Soltechx user-friendly? 

    The Soltechx platform is user-friendly and straightforward to navigate. You can also easily and quickly open an account. Just hit the “Open an Account” button at the website’s top. You can start with a live trading or paper account. There is also a handy frequently asked question section, plus live chat and phone support when you want assistance. 

    How to Trade with Soltechx?

    In Soltechx, a trader can enter orders from the Options and Trade tabs. The trading expenses, which include charges, are displayed on the verification page- a superb feature that offers full-cost transparency. You will find streaming real-time news and quotes and a screen top area, which shows watchlist tickers and open position information. This broker supports trailing stops, chart trading as well as conditional orders, which include one-cancels the other and one triggering the other orders. On the other hand, you cannot stage an order for entry later on. 

    Is Mobile App Available? 

    The Soltechx mobile app allows you to roll or close on the current position with many taps, and you are able to develop an options technique in the order ticket. This mobile app does not support chart trading, conditional orders, and trailing stops. While the mobile app is enough for busy trading tracking, a lot of traders will choose the browser based-platform for their everyday trading sessions.

    What Products does Soltechx Offer?

    Soltechx provides a partial list of investing products. Traders can trade ETFs, stocks, options, fixed income, and mutual funds. Forex, crypto, commodities, futures, crypto, and fractional stock shares are missing from its lineup. 

    Is Soltechx Secure and Reliable? 

    This broker is up to industry standards: 

    • Two-factor authentication is available both on mobile and web platforms.
    • Users of a mobile app can log in with a fingerprint, biometric or face recognition.
    • Did not report any serious or widespread platform outages. 


    Unlike many of its bigger and more renowned competitors. Soltechx does not try to serve each kind of trader in the world of finance. Rather, they target options traders, and it provides superb value for people who are active as well as comfortable picking their own trading techniques. Options traders will find valuable strategy scanning tools and low costs. It is considered one of today’s most reliable trading brokers today. 

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