Soulz_leaked Twitter video goes viral on TikTok
Representative image from Twitter viral video

Soulz_leaked Twitter page goes viral on TikTok after the Twitter user @Soulz_leaked shared a video of an alleged mom and the son. Meanwhile, people from TikTok are rushing to Twitter in order to watch the video by soulz_leaked on Twitter which has been suspended now. Many people are still curious about Soulz_leaked Mom video and about the purported Twitter page.

According to details, on August 26, 2021, a Twitter user “Soulz_leaked” shared a video claiming the participants of the video are mom and son. The purported video was completely NSFW by nature and it leads to the suspension of the Soulz_leaked Twitter account later on the same day.

Meanwhile, dozens of videos emerged on TikTok, talking about Soulz_leaked Twitter video, while the creators were trolling. Following the TikTok videos, many people rushed to Twitter to watch the Soulz_leaked Mom video.

However, their wish couldn’t become true as the purported Twitter page has been suspended for violating Twitter’s content policy. So the video shared by Soulz_leaked has also disappeared from the page.

But the purported video was not published on Soulz_leaked Twitter page only. The same video has been shared by another Twitter user “LUCCiD17” on his timeline and the video is still up there.

The purported video shows a woman in a waiting lounge of some train station. The video is captioned as: “Mom F**** p1ss3d. She found 1ncest p0r* on my laptop while I was on vacations.”

Answering to the people, Curious for Soulz_leaked Twitter video, a Twitter user wrote “LUCCID17 on tw” in multiple comments. In fact he was telling people that they can find the viral video on Twitter page @LUCCID17.

Who is LUCCID17 on Twitter – watch Soulz_leaked Twitter video

LUCCID, known by bis Twitter handle “LUCCID17” is a Twitter user with 628 followers. He is sharing hilarious NSFW videos on his timeline. The viral Soulz_leaked mom video has been shared on his timeline but we will advise you to not watch it as it may not suitable for some viewers. However, if you are willing and quite sure that you just need to watch then….

Watch the full Video here. (Nsfw content warning)

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