Spongebob Shirt Girl video Case – ReformedXivo Twitter video and Spongebob shirt girl video explained

    A video of a girl wearing a yellow shirt with a Spongebob printed on her shirt is currently going viral on TikTok and Twitter and people are curious to know about spongebob shirt girl and Spongebob girl case.

    A Twitter user “ReformedXivo” posted a ten second video clip of Spongebob girl leaving people even more confused about the whole story. Currently, thousands of people are searching for Spongebob shirt girl’s video on Twitter and want to know the whole case.

    Screenshot of Twitter search page showing the number of searches about Spongebob girl case

    In this article, we will explain who is Spongebob shirt girl and what is the whole case.

    On January 9, 2023, a TikTok user “Xoloco” shared a short video clip of Sponge girl and wrote in the caption:

    “A case that still haunts me nowadays, the spongegirl case.”

    Photo of Spongebob shirt girl
    Spongebob shirt girl in the park

    His TikTok went viral and viewed by more than 150,000 people so far just in the matter of hours.

    Following his TikTok, a Twitter user “ReformedXivo” also shared the same video clip of girl in the Spongebob shirt.

    The video shows a girl wearing a yellow shirt, Spongebob printed over her shirt, is walking in the park. The girl seems to be holding her skirt in the hand. The video clearly shows that their os someone else at the scene, filming the video. The person seems giving instructions the girl. The video further shows the girl laying her skirt on the ground and sitting over it. The Spongebob girl’s video ends here.

    You Can watch the Spongebob shirt girl video here.

    Now comes to the actual story.

    The girl in the Spongebob shirt is Brazilian who went to the park with her friend. The both filmed this video in park for their TikTok.

    The girl and her friend made this video in a way so that people get curious to watch more. They posted this video on TikTok in June 2022. The original TikTok account of them was “Soloflyer” which has been disabled now by TikTok. Before their TikTok account being suspended, the purported video has been downloaded and shared on Facebook and Twitter earlier last year.

    This video is now going viral on Twitter once again, creating same curiosity as it created back in 2022. The original name of the girl and her companion is yet unknown. We will update this article once we get more information about her.