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    Stranger Things in Fortnite are Upside Down

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    Fortnite Stranger Things Upside Down

    Fortnite is popular among other games because of its Stranger things. Fortnite players are always excited because of the Fortnite collaboration with excited franchises of characters. But Fortnite stranger things are upside down and The loop for a second time has gotten players very excited, even though there isn’t much to go on yet.

    After last week’s v21.10 update went live. FNBRintel found the only sign that Fortnite and Stranger Things will work together again. On the surface, the update added a Darth Vader NPC who will hunt you down and Fortnite’s second Naruto collaboration. Still, there is always more to find in the code of an update. Which is where the Stranger Things breadcrumbs were found.

    What are the Stranger Things in Fortnite?

    After Stranger Things season 3 came out, the last time Stranger Things-related items were in the Fortnite Item Shop was in July 2019, and they haven’t been there since November of the same year. Fans have asked for the goods over and over, but it’s thought that licensing restrictions have kept this from happening.

    What are the Stranger Things in Fortnite?

    People think that Netflix ended contracts with a lot of games, but this hasn’t been proven. This is why Stranger Things content sales in Dead By Daylight and Fortnite will not happen in 2019.

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    What is Fortnite Stranger things Collab Theory?

    As soon as the fourth season of Stranger Things came out, fans started a lot of petitions to keep the content available. More petitions are still being made to ask Netflix to let Epic bring Stranger Things back to the Item Shop. This partnership could start up again once Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 is available on Netflix.

    FNBRintel, a well-known and usually reliable Fortnite leaker, says that an Eleven skin will come out on July 1, 2022, the same day that Vol. 2 comes out.

    In the Stranger Things TV show, Eleven is known for how much she loves Eggo waffles. The rumoured name of the encryption setting is “Waffle Warrior.”

    The first time Stranger Things and Fortnite worked together, Eleven’s father figure Hopper and the terrifying Demogorgon, which Eleven kills with her powers in the first season, were in the game. Fans are eagerly awaiting the possible appearance of the show’s star.

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    Stranger Things Skins.

    As was mentioned above, both Fortnite and Stranger Things have been around for a while. The last crossover happened in 2019, and it wasn’t all that great. Only a strange-looking Hopper and a Demogorgon were added as skins to the game. In defense of Netflix and Epic, the Stranger Things kids were still kids at the time. Now that they’re a little older, players might not find it as strange to look for them on an island with Deadpool and Master Chief.

    Stranger Things Skins.

    Of course, you should take all of this with a grain of salt for now, but the timing does make sense. The second part of season four of Stranger Things comes out this Friday, so maybe the crossover will be made official this week to mark the event. Or, we’ll get a character with a waffle head to go with Mancake, making the Fortnite Breakfast Set complete.

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