SukiHana head video viral on social media
Screenshot of SukiHana viral head video

On October 3, 2020, “Suki” became top trend on social media after the rapper SukiHana (also known as Suki Hana ana) head video leaked online. She shared a part of her Onlyfans video on her Twitter account which shows her giving head in very nasty way. People are getting disgusted after watching Sukihana’s head video while others are still curious why “Suki head video, Sukihana and Suki video” became among the top trends on Twitter. Watch Sukihana’s head video, and her reaction, below.

Video: Sukihana head video and she explains about her viral video

Sukihana’s video shows her giving head while doing some extremely nasty stuff. The video shows Suki puked during her job with tears and bla bla. Whike sharing the video on Twitter, Suki wrote in the caption “I can teach you how to make him buy you commercial property GO SUBSCRIBE (Her Onlyfans page link).”

You can also watch Sukihana’s video on Twitter here.

Reactions over Sukihana head Video

Viewers reacted over Suki’s head video furiously. Twitter user ‘Cindy’ wrote, tweet reads: “I wish no one told me to go to suki’s account.”

Another Twitter user ‘Visuals‘ wrote, tweet reads: “I went looking for that Sukihana video and now I gotta throw up.”

However, some viewers have supported Suki after watching her head video.

Twitter user ‘Jaeden’ wrote, tweet reads “I PERSONALLY saw nothing wrong with the suki video.”

Another Twitter user ‘A-M-P’ wrote, tweet reads: “I am blowed how you follow Suki but don’t know this is ultimate level head giving aftermath. Y’all comments act like y’all scared! Y’all don’t need to be following Suki then fr fr.”

How Suki Responded to her Viral head video and Public’s comments

Sukihana responds to her viral head video

Sukihana responded to her viral head video with another short video clip in which she can be seen walking along with her boyfriend on the beach. A fan screams her name and she wave her hand back to the fan. Suki wrote in the caption “Me walking by like I ain’t all over the internet sucking d**k.”

In an other reaction video posted on her Twitter account, Suki said “Yes it’s doing him a favor. Most girls never even have a *rgasm. That’s why we buy toys. Just throw all the real disc away at this point.”

“I am a different b*tch with different bills, she added.”

Watch Sukihana’s complete reaction video, below.

Sukihana (professionally known as Suki Hana) is a rapper and social media celebrity, originally from Wilmington, Delaware. She grew up in Atlanta. She rose to fame while through her posts on Instagram, and for her viral songs, such as “Blame Trina”, “5 Foot Freestyle” and “Drug Dealer” featuring Cuban Doll.

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