Meet the Syrian man Adnan also Known as Abu Amir (Father of Amir) who has opened the 1st Arabic Shawarma shop in F10 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. Being a residence of United Arab Emirates, I can say that this is pure Arabic Shawarma. Watch the interview of Adnan by Yasir Shami (Daily Pakistan).

Video: Syrian Shawarma Restaurant in Islamabad.

Shawarma is quite famous Arabic fast food around the globe. Restaurants in different countries make Shawarma in many ways but of course, as it is an Arabic food, so you will get the best taste in Arabic Shawarma (Syrian Shawarma or Lebanese).

This Syrian refugee Adnan couldn’t make his way to Europe but rather than going to any neighbouring gulf country, he chose to move Pakistan at the beginning of 2019. Adnan started selling Shawarma in Islamabad almost 6 months before. But because of the original taste of Shawarma he serves, his restaurant became famous very fast. Now hundreds of customers from the different parts of Islamabad, visit him every day to enjoy Syrian Shawarma.

Interesting thing of Adnan is that it’s only 6 months since he opened the Shawarma Restaurant in Islamabad, but he is able to speak very good Urdu now.

شام کے شہری نے پاکستان آکر شوارما کی دکان کھولی، لوگوں کا رش لگ گیا۔۔۔

Posted by Daily Pakistan on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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