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    T Roy Oblock Last Video Resurfaces on Twitter by Chicagoscene88 and Chicago_hits


    The last video of T Roy Oblock, King Von’s closest friend, resurfaced on Twitter by several users such as Chicagoscene88 and Chicago_hits. The resurfaced T.Roy’s video shows the moment T Roy got shot in 2017.

    T Roy video resurfaces on Twitter by Chicagoscene88

    T Roy Oblock died on February 14, 2017 but the actual video of T Roy getting shot has surfaced on Twitter now on July 24, 2022.

    On July 24, 2022, a Twitter user “Chicagoscene88” and another Twitter user “Chicago_hits” shared a CCTV video from 2017 which shows the moment T Roy entering into a store and getting shot by rivals.

    The CCTV video shows T Roy standing in the store while two men, one of them allegedly TB, Tyquan World, enter the store and walk towards T Roy. The video further shows the men shooting t Roy and escaping the scene while T Roy fells on the floor.

    We are not going to upload T Roy shooting video here because it is not appropriate for many people. However, you can watch the T Roy Video on Twitter by going through this link.

    T Roy Oblock Shot To Death: Chicago Rapper Killed 

    James Johnson AKA “T. Roy” was a Black Disciple from O’Block and was close to Chief Keef and King Von, to which he would be shouted out in one of Chief Keef’s old songs. He was also known as being King Von’s best friend

    Chicago Rapper T Roy

    T Roy Oblock Shot To Death in February 2017. T Roy Oblock died as a result of gunshot wounds that could not be healed. He was just entering a business in the South Shore neighborhood. The following are the specifics.

    T Roy Oblock was only 23 years old when he was viciously shot and died in the South Shore area.

    According to the sources, despite the fact that there are several suspects in T Roy Oblock’s death, none of them have been apprehended.

    According to the reports, T Roy was well recognized as one of King Von’s closest pals until he died on 14 February 2017, after being shot in the chest by rival gang member “TB (Tyquan World).”

    Additionally, he was allegedly on the lookout for TB when he was noticed by FBG Brick, who then informed TB that T. Roy was on the lookout for him.

    Despite taking him to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, T Roy Oblock, unfortunately, could not survive at all.

    There are few videos circulated on YouTube and Reddit.

    They all appear to be the CCTV recordings of nearby shops when he was shot. However, the images are not as clear.