PML-N’s leader Talal Chaudhry allegedly beaten by the brothers of a PML-N’s female MNA Ayesha Rajab Ali from Lahore. Representative to prime minister, Dr Shahbaz Gill, confirmed the news in a tweet and said “Talal Chaudhry should be provided with police protection, extra medical care and City Chief police officer (CCPO) Lahore should register an FIR against the incident.

VIDEO: Talal Chaudhry beaten by brothers of PML-N’s female member of National assembly

Following the incident, a video emerged on social media which shows Talal Chaudhry standing in the house of Ayesha Rajab Ali and talking with police. Talal Chaudhry can be heard accusing the men (alleged brothers of the MNA) of breaking his arm after calling him in her house.

According to a Digital News Network, brothers of a female PML-N member of the National Assembly have beaten their own party leader Talal Chaudhry, after which Talal Chaudhry has reached the hospital.

According to sources, the female MNA from Lahore and Talal Chaudhry had an old affair after which the woman MNA broke-up with him and established relations with another political leader.

However, Talal Chaudhry kept chasing the female and arrived her home in order to talk.

When Talal Chaudhry tried not to leave Ayesha Rajab Ali and broke into her house, the brothers of the female MNA decided to go rough with Talal Chaudhry, grabbed him and beat him.

Talal Chaudhry is currently admitted to the National Hospital in Lahore. Several bones of his body have been broken, after which he has undergone surgeries at the hospital.

Mainstream media channels However didn’t reported the true cause of his injuries. According to a private news channel, Talal Chaudhry got his arm broken accidentally. However the viral video reveals the real story

People on social media are trolling PML-N because of nasty environment inside the party after sharing news snippets on Twitter.

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