Tarik Fateh ( Tariq Fateh ) is an ISI AGENT on social media these days. Surprised or confused ? yes Pakistanis are dealing traitors with a new and unique way. Tarek Fateh came under massive trolls after writing an article in ” Times of India ” raising objections on US For Selling  F16 to Pakistan. Indian Air force just got a massive defeat from Pakistan Air force. So A traitor like Tarek Fateh is in heavy grief.

Tariq Fateh an ISI AGENT
Tarek Fateh: An Anti-Pakistan Pakistani with Canadian nationality and India’s Tongue. Twiter Image.

Few days ago ” Adnan Sami Khan an ISI AGENT ” was trending on social media. Reason to troll him was his tweet against Pakistan. Indians use to speak against Pakistan but that is a normal practice. But anger is Another level if a person who was Pakistani once, But  after getting all the fame on the name of Pakistan he turns against Pakistan.

Tariq Fateh is on the top of the list of those who betrayed the country and fell in enemy’s lap. So here is how Pakistani social media Trolling Tarek Fateh on a over the Twiter.


Tariq Fateh is an ISI AGENT ON TWITTER. 

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