Latest video of Tayyeba Farooq

Alleged woman In Chairman NAb scandal Tayyeba Farooq finally came on video interview. Tayyeba Farooq claims in her first interview that she stood against a fake housing society in Chiniote city and land Mafia. The owner of society was looting the people by fraud. But people were not daring to stand against him. He was making False cases against anyone stand against him.

Tayyeba Farooq along her husband
Alleged Lady in Chairman NAB Scandal and her husband

Tayyeba Farooq claimed that on one hand tue owner of society was harassing her and on other hands Chairman NAB was also harassing her. She said that she was friendly with chairman NAB to expose him. She revealed many other things in her video interview.

Latest Interview Of Tayyeba Farooq on Chairman NAB Scandal.

3 days ago a video and audio scandal became viral on media and social media. In the video Chairman NAB Justice ( Rtd ) Javed Iqbal talking lose with this lady Tayyeba Gul ( Wife of Farooq Noal ) and he tried to hug her. She was recording all the happening inside chairman NAB’s office. Later on she published this video and an audio recording on media. Also watch: Chairman NAB Video scandal with videos audio.

Tayyeba Gull also claimed that she has more videos and material of Chairman NAB and his actions of harassment. About authenticity of Those videos and audio recording she said that they can be sent for Francis tests. Denying her any relations with any political party or institution, She said she is just a law student. Labeling Chairman NAB she also warned that if anything happens to her, Chairman NAB should be held responsible.

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