Teachers Objections against Coronavirus test and Dr. Murad Rass response


After the Coronavirus epidemic, all educational institutions are going to open. The process of teaching and educating is about to start again. SOPs have also been issued for educational institutions and these preparation are in the final stages.

Regarding these preparation, the Minister of Education Punjab Dr. Murad Rass ordered that the teachers will conduct their Crona test with themselves, which means the government will not provide this facility to the teachers. The teachers will bear all expenses for their Crona test from salary given.
The main point for yesterday Press Conference was ;
Before school opens every teacher is bound to get Crona virus test himself.
Not Rationalisation, 5000 transfer has been done on adminstrative basis which will not been reserved.
After school opens, all the students will wear masks from home. The government will not provide mask to the students.
Teachers will also check the temperature of students.
School will be sanitized from school NSB fund.

Teachers are saying that; where is justice to put this burden on millions of teachers who are already in a state of trouble?  As we all know that inflation is increasing and teachers have only source of income is their salary which is used to supporting a family of more than five members.
The convence allowance already been cut, Utility allowance and teaching allowance also not given to Teachers. As for as medical allowance, only Rs. 1500 is given to Teachers for their medical expenses. Now the responsibility of Crona test is also on teachers.

When schools will open, there will be not only teachers but also have children. Does Crona virus only effects teachers?  How will they know that no child is effected? If than putt the responsibility of mask and testing on the children parents. The situation in rural areas is that parents are hardly pay 20 rupess for children monthly fee, How can possible that they offered daily mask and Crona test?

Today Education Minister Dr.Murad Rass said through a tweet that
” the Crona test of teachers before school opening is just a suggestion that will presented in meeting on 7 September and than decision will be taken”
So keep calm teachers 😂

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