Ten Ways to Make money on Facebook – Earn Money by Using Facebook

Ways to earn money on Facebook

How to make money on Facebook? From billions of Facebook users, millions ask this question. Money is a thing, everyone wants to earn. But there is no shortcut to money except a few lucky people in the whole world. Although people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars from Facebook. In this article, I will tell you ten ways to earn money on Facebook. For quick advice, watch the video, below.

Video: Ten ways to make money on Facebook in Pakistan

For people around the globe, here is another video in the English language which explains how to earn money on Facebook. Watch the video, below.

Video: How to make money on Facebook anywhere in the world.


Here are Ten ways to earn money on Facebook

  1. In-Stream Ads (Monetize your video on Your Facebook page)
  2. Instant Articles (By integrating Facebook Ads on Your website or Blog)
  3. A website with Google Adsense or/and any other Ad network
  4. Become a Facebook page manager
  5. Build and Launch an instant Game on Facebook (Similar to Uno, 8 Ball Pool or Quiz Planet)
  6. Facebook Marketing
  7. Provide Facebook Graphic services as a freelancer
  8. Facebook Shop
  9. Sponsorship (If you area celebrity or running a Facebook page with massive amount of followers)
  10. Buy & Sell Business (Bran New or second-hand products and material)