Fortnite Geforce: Now you can play Fortnite on even the most basic Android devices

Fortnite Geforce
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Is your phone incompatible with Fortnite and you can’t get support from the APK? Isn’t it powerful enough to handle the game’s high graphic demands? Well, thanks to GeForce Now streaming, you can play Fortnite on nearly any Android device. We’ll show you how to make the most of Nvidia’s gaming platform. 


The story of Fortnite on Android is divided into chapters, with turns as unexpected as those found in a Turkish soap opera. It began as an exclusive in Samsung’s Galaxy Store, then expanded to the rest of the mobile phones in beta, and then, with APK, Epic opted to integrate its game into the Play Store, kicking Fortnite out with the addition of a buy link outside of Google (just like Apple did on the App Store). 

This did not mean that Android users were no longer able to play the game. There are even more alternatives available than the download. 

Fortnite can be uninstalled for free on practically any Android device.

Fortnite Geforce

Nvidia announced the release of Fortnite Touch for mobile phones on May 19, a streaming version of the popular game that uses virtual controls on the screen to handle the action without the use of controllers or keyboards and mice. We put this Fortnite to the test on our GeForce Now account, and the truth is that it runs smoothly. 

Because Fortnite is a streaming game, using GeForce Now to run it offers both advantages and cons. The fact that you don’t have to download the game (significant storage savings), which is useful for ineffective mobile phones, and that the graphics are of extremely good quality are among the first (they run on computers with Nvidia graphics).

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On the downside, streaming Fortnite requires a connection, eats a lot of bandwidth (which is especially crucial on mobile connections), and requires an Nvidia account. 

Let’s explore how to run Fortnite on your Android now that we’ve established the groundwork.

*The Nvidia GeForce Now application must be downloaded. In theory, it should work with any Android device running version 5 or higher. To play streaming, you’ll need an Nvidia account. You can either use a free one or pay for one; the difference is in the number of hours you can play in a row (just one with free accounts) and the amount of time you have to wait (premium users have hardly any game queue). 

*I’m assuming you already have one, but just in case: to use Fortnite from the Epic Store, you’ll need an Epic Games account. even through streaming. 

*Open the GeForce Now app and sign in using your Nvidia credentials. 

*In the game library, look for Fortnite and press “Play.” You must log in using your Epic Games account. Do it, and your Fortnite will load with touch controllers. 

You’ll have access to the same Fortnite account you have on other platforms, along with the same skins, levels, and items you’ve purchased. You can play whatever you want as long as you have an Internet connection and your Nvidia subscription allows for continuous hours of play. 

Having Fortnite installed is almost the same experience.


Fortnite Geforce now

With GeForce Now, you may save several GB of space on your phone, as well as the heat generated by playing a game with such high graphic demands. Of course, streaming has some inherent disadvantages: you’ll need a stable Internet connection, and there may be some lag between pressing the (virtual) buttons and the action being performed on-screen. 

We’ve been testing the new Fortnite for the mobile phone version, and the sensations are pretty similar to what you’d get with the game loaded. Instant response, very high-quality visuals, touch controls that adapt well to the screen, and, in general, it’s worth having GeForce Now on hand if the phone can’t handle it physically. If your phone allows for Fortnite installation, we recommend using this approach before streaming.