• Thatgurlgg1 Twitter account trends online after Uploading a Viral Maggot video on Twitter.
  • After violating Twitter’s content Policy, Thatgurlgg1 Twitter account has been suspended by Twitter
  • Maggot video, shared by this Twitter account, shows a girl, with Maggots, and an unidentified person, both involved in an awkward act.
Twitter maggot video of the girl with worms in her leaves Twitter Scandalized

Thatgurlgg1 Twitter video, popularly known as Twitter Maggot video, leaves Twitter Scandalized once again and people are debating whether the girl in Maggots video posted by now suspended Twitter page “Thatgurlgg1” is dead or alive.

In this article, we will tell you who is “thatgurlgg1” (also popular as Thatgirlgg1 on TikTok) on Twitter and if the girl in the viral Maggot video is dead or alive. Just keep reading below.

UPDATE: The Twitter account @Thatgurlgg1 has been suspended for violating the Twitter guidelines and content policies.

WHAT IS VIRAL MAGGOT VIDEO (Video of Girl with Worms in her )

If you are not aware of the “viral Maggot video” then we are here to tell you about all you need to know. But we are warning you that the video in question is so insane you might never want to watch or even think about it.

Social media is a tool for everyone to share anything (from their beliefs to the piece of the the the picture they love to show others, a video of them or they loved). But sometimes people cross the limits of what they should and what they shouldn’t share on social media.

The least is the case with “Viral maggot video” which is being shared on Twitter and other social media platforms dozens of times. Each time Twitter deletes this video, another user comes forward and posts it again.

Unlike Twitter, other social media websites and applications such as TikTok and Facebook are even more keen to stop people from posting such kinds of videos but Twitter’s consensual content policy allows it up to a certain limit.

Since it first emerged on Twitter in December 2021, Maggot video is the town of the talk on TikTok and Facebook. People were talking about the video and the girl shown in the video so much that everyone who haven’t watched it, became curious and rushed to Twitter to watch the video.

On Twitter, The maggot video has been shared by numerous users such as “Santosogerio, Tmzbaltimore, Realkin29551086, and recently by a Twitter user @thatgurlgg1.

Viral Maggot Video

The viral Maggot video is a hilarious video that shows a man and a girl and Maggots (worms coming out of the girl). The video shows the man extracting the Maggots out of the girl by using his tool. The video on social media went viral by several titles and labels such as “Viral Maggot video, Twitter maggot video, video of Girl with Maggots in her, Girl with Worms in her.

Video: Viral Maggot video on Twitter explained

It is gross to watch what is happening in the video, people are still hunting for the video out of curiosity.

The face of the girl and the boy can not be seen in video. However, several Screenshots and images emerged on social claiming that this girl is a TikTok star. Some Screenshots show a series of messages and the alleged girl sharing her selfie in the chat. However it was not confirmed by any reliable sources.

Screenshot of alleged girl in viral Maggot video on Twitter
Image via Twitter

Well where can you watch Viral Maggot video on Twitter (recently labelled as Thatgurlgg1 Twitter video).

As we mentioned above, the Twitter Maggot video is gross and you may regret your decision of going behind this video. It is being shared on Twitter by numerous users. Recently, The maggot video is being posted by Twitter user “thatgurlgg1” and until now, it hasn’t been removed from his timeline. Here is the link to viral Maggot video, shared by another Twitter user “Revy_55.

Is the girl in Maggot video dead or alive

Since the Maggot video went viral on social media, a lot of debate is going on Twitter about it the girl in maggot video is dead or alive.

Many people assume that the girl in the viral video is dead because worms can’t come out of an alive person.

Commenting on the video, one Twitter user: “Look at her pelvis and her stomach either she’s pregnant or she’s dead plus there maggots she’s either rotting from the inside or he put them there. first we go through autolysis then server bloating then active decaying.”

“I seen something where they say she was dead and there’s 2 guys holding her 🤦🏽‍♀️,” wrote another user.

One person wrote: “According to my calculations she is dead ssf we are watching some crazy sh*t, I should of minded my own.”

There are some who believe that the girl in Maggot video is not dead.

One person came up with a valid point and wrote: “Guys she isn’t dead if you look closer you can see her hands holding her legs because her legs were high and if she was dead her legs would have been right next to her shoulder so she isn’t dead🖤.”

It was neither confirmed by any reliable source if the girl was dead or alive, although people are demanding investigation of the video.

Who is Thatgurlgg1 on Twitter

Screenshot of thatgurlgg1 Twitter profile
image via Twitter

Thatgurlgg1 Twitter account (also popular as Thatgirlgg1) was created recently in January 2022. After looking at his profile, we can assume that the user created this account only for sharing “Maggot video” and gain followers by this trend.

Thatgurlgg1 has made only two posts until now. One of his tweet reads: “Maggot video” and in his second tweet, he shared on video. He has 109, 8 followers as of now and his Twitter handle is @Thatgurlgg1.

Update: Thatgurlgg1 Twitter account has been suspended by Twitter for posting the content which goes against Twitter’s non-consensual content Policy.

See the Screenshot below.

Screenshot shows Thatgurlgg1 Twitter account has been suspended and its tweets have been removed and vanished
Image via Twitter

People React to Thatgurlgg1

Looking at the comments of Thatgurlgg1’s first tweet, we can see that people are exploding by curiosity of watching the purported video.

Right after Thatgurlgg1 Twitter user shared that he is going to upload the viral Maggot video, everyone was asking him to send the video. See people’s reactions, below.

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