The Advantage of Social Media Presence In 2022

A representative image showing social media platforms and their icons in a mobile phone
Image via Pixabay

Social media is without a doubt one of the most widely used influential platforms in the world. It comprises around 4 billion users spread across the globe. The statistical figures of its usage are astonishing, as on average the social media platforms are used for more than a couple of hours each day by an average user.

People nowadays are spending more time on social media than on practical activities such as cooking, working, traveling, etc. All these activities can be performed on social media itself like delivering food from applications, working online via digital platforms, and booking rides for your daily commute.

Hence, it is not wrong to say that social media covers a majority of our daily activities and we are forced to stay attached to it in this era of advancement.

We will hence discuss the positive aspects of social media:


Keeps you connected:

In the past, you had worries about how you will lose friends after your graduation because there was no way to communicate with them while everyone is living a separate life with a different schedule and also living in distant places.

It was the same case with your relatives if they did not live anywhere nearby. Thanks to social media, this is not a problem anymore. You can connect to friends and relatives or anyone you want to with the help of different applications and platforms. Applications like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp let you keep in touch with the help of status updates, stories, and online events. You can also text or call each other using these applications and there is no limit even if you want to make a video call.

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Medium of Earning:

Apart from keeping in touch with your loved ones, social media consists of many other benefits such as monetary ones. You can now earn a good sum of money to keep yourself independent and also to provide for your family.

This can be done in a majority of ways, one of the most common ones is to sell your products online. While browsing social media you might have been annoyed by advertisements popping up on your screen disturbing your focus, these advertisements are different people or companies selling their products online. Other than this you can make money through digital marketing, freelancing, and much more.

People even sell their services online such as online teaching through applications such as Skype or WhatsApp. To sum up, you can earn in a variety of manners with the help of social media If you have the required skills for it.

Exposure of oppressors internationally:

Social media is known for its power to help you raise your voice to fight evil on an international level. Different oppressive regimes are exposed through this and people are given awareness of different matters. We can take the example of the attacks on Ukraine by the Russian government which even the Russian citizens are not in favor of. If it was not for social media we, would not have been aware of this insider information and we would not even know what is happening on the international level. Russia has put sanctions on its press not to release any information that would become harmful to the country’s rights in the future.

Advancement in academics:

Thanks to social media, education nowadays is not limited to attending physical classes in different educational institutions. There are various online ways to get an education. We can go through lectures on YouTube, and attend online classes via applications such as zoom or google meet. And as explained earlier above, online tutoring sessions can be done through video calls on applications like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Final Verdict:

We have precisely explained the benefits of social media and how you can use it to stay connected, earn money, fight oppressive regimes and avail yourself benefits of the educational facilities. It is now for you to decide whether to take social media as a positive medium to invest your time in or criticize it along with many others.