The Best Digital Insurance Companies 2022

    You can do everything online, from talking to your doctor over video chat to ordering groceries through an app. Buying insurance is no different. There are a lot of online and digital insurance companies. Many customers no longer even need to talk to an agent.

    The Best Digital Insurance Companies 2022

    The age of insurtech has also turned out to be very helpful. Consumers can get answers to their most important questions and be led through buying insurance, from figuring out how much coverage they need to setting up a policy in just a few minutes.

    We looked into the best digital insurance companies today to help you find the right coverage, no matter what kind of policy you need.

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    The six best Digital insurance companies in 2022

    • Best Overall: Esurance
    • Lemonade is the best homeowner’s insurance.
    • The Best Car Insurance: Root
    • Best Business Insurance: Next Insurance
    • The best insurance for health: Health of Oscar
    • Best Life Insurance: Haven Life Insurance Agency

    How does digital insurance work?

    Digital insurance, as the name suggests, is a type of insurance that can be bought online or through a mobile app. Policies are written and priced on these platforms with the help of live customer service and digital algorithms. Digital insurance companies offer a wide range of coverage options and products, such as auto insurance, home and renters insurance, life insurance, and even health insurance.

    Some of these companies are new, independent startups, but many digital insurance companies are owned and backed by well-known, trusted insurance companies.

    What is insurance technology?

    Today, almost every part of life is getting increasingly tech-based, so it’s not a big surprise that insurance is moving in the same direction. Insurtech is a term used to describe these innovations meant to save consumers time, energy, and money on their policies.

    Today’s insurtech companies make it easier to shop for coverage, compare prices, manage policies, and even file claims, no matter where you are. Of course, they also remove a lot of the human touch from the industry and raise concerns about privacy and how intrusive some insurtech companies’ mobile platforms are.

    How much do you think digital insurance will cost?

    Even though insurance as a whole is personalized, each insurance company will still have its underwriting processes and algorithms. So it’s hard to say how much digital insurance should cost.

    Still, insurtech does help many people save money on their insurance costs. Most of these companies underwrite their policies using digital platforms and algorithms, cutting down on many of their costs. Also, since many of these companies have few or no physical offices, their operating costs are cut by a significant amount.

    How We Picked Our Digital Insurance Companies?

    Before choosing the best one, we looked at three to ten digital insurance companies in each category. Ratings for financial stability, consumer reviews, and consumer complaint indexes compared to the national average were all considered. When making our decisions, we also looked at mobile access, availability across the country, and prices.

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