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    The Best Laptop Insurance as of 2022

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    Laptop insurance will pay the expenses if your laptop is stolen, lost, or damaged. While it can be marketed as a specific kind of gadget insurance, typical homeowner’s insurance frequently includes some form of coverage. Additionally covered are stolen or harmed laptops by risks such as fire, flood, or other calamities.

    The Best Laptop Insurance as of 2022

    It might be worthwhile to cover laptops because they are both an expensive and essential component of our everyday life. For instance, if you work for yourself and depend on your laptop for work, your productivity would be completely halted if your laptop were to be damaged.

    Consider carefully what is covered, how much is covered, and if there are any exclusions when selecting a laptop insurance plan. To assist you in making your decision, we selected the top five laptop insurance plans based on price, coverage, where you use your laptop and other considerations.

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    2022’s top laptop insurance

    • Best General Value Avenue Group
    • Best for Multiple Policies: Low premium Asurion Security is the best.
    • For brand-new gadgets, SquareTrade is the finest.
    • The best app for older devices is Upsie.

    What does laptop insurance entail?

    Laptop insurance protects against typical dangers that aren’t covered by regular homeowners’ insurance or product warranties. Some issues include power spikes, spillage, theft, mishaps, vandalism, and destruction. Up to the policy limitations, the insurance provider will pay for your expenses, such as replacing a stolen laptop or fixing a damaged screen.

    Do I require laptop insurance?

    Whether you can buy a new laptop or fix the one you already have depends on your options. These gadgets are pricey, and replacing them can be very expensive. Additionally, your manufacturer’s warranty and homeowners insurance won’t cover some items under this insurance.

    For instance, most manufacturer warranties cover damage for up to a year, although they might exclude damage from accidents or power surges. Suppose you want coverage for longer than a year or for situations that your manufacturer’s warranty or home insurance policy doesn’t cover, purchase a laptop insurance policy. It could be a good idea to purchase theft insurance if you travel frequently or use your laptop in public.

    To sum up

    Before getting laptop insurance, you must decide on the type of coverage you want. While all of the businesses above offer protection against calamities like mechanical failure, spills, and cracked screens, not all of them also offer coverage against theft and loss. If you require that level of coverage, your policy may cost extra. Overall, because of its extensive coverage, we suggest Worth Ave. However, Security is a great option for people on a lesser budget.


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