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    The Best Mobile Insurance as of 2022

    Repairs or replacements for your phone that come up out of the blue can cost you several hundred dollars, but the right cellphone insurance plan can help make that cost more manageable. When people buy mobile insurance, they pay a premium, usually between $5 and $20 monthly. If their phone gets damaged, lost, or stolen, they pay a deductible and can fix or replace it for a small portion of its market value.

    The Best Mobile Insurance as of 2022

    Many insurance policies cover the same things, but one must look at each provider and policy carefully before choosing one. The best insurance policies are cheap and have low deductibles, making filing a claim easy. Other things like discounts for bundling, options for more than one device, and customer reviews can also be helpful when choosing a provider. Read on to find out which service provider is best for you.

    The Best Mobile Insurance as of 2022

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    The best companies for cell phone insurance in 2022

    • Asurion is the best overall.
    • SquareTrade is the best for families.
    • AppleCare+ is the best for iPhones.
    • Samsung Care+ is the best for Samsung phones.
    • AKKO is the best for Policy Budget.
    • Progressive is the best option.

    Final Verdict

    Cellphone insurance can help people protect their phones and keep them from needing expensive repairs or replacements. In some cases, you must sign up for insurance through your wireless provider or the device’s maker to find the right insurance provider. This is true for companies like Asurion, AppleCare+, and Samsung Care+.

    Customers can also find great coverage through their home or car insurance company. Progressive and Allstate (SquareTrade) have cellphone insurance plans with premiums and deductibles comparable to each other, which could save money for existing customers. If neither of those options works for you, new and different providers like AKKO may offer good coverage at prices you can afford.

    To make things easier, there are two main groups:

    Damages might be covered by liability insurance if, for example, a wedding guest drinks too much at the open bar and breaks a window at the venue.

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