The Football Club, Arsenal, has fired Emery, board decision. Arsenal Club has confirmed that they have sacked Unai Emery as a manager.

The Football club Arsenal have fired Emery,board decision.
Image: The Football club Arsenal have fired Emery,board decision.

Senior figures at Arsenal wanted José Mourinho to replace Emery before he took the Spurs job. There’s been contact between Arsenal and Max Allegri. He wants the job but his English is not perfect either.

Always been a great professional and human being and tried very hard to make things work at Arsenal.

Arsenal fired Emery

Sadly sometimes things just don’t work out. Wish you all the best for the future. Sky Sports News reporting that Allegri wants the Arsenal job. And also claim senior figures at Arsenal wanted Jose Mourinho.

Arsenal had planned to give Emery another few weeks, so a bit cold in the replacement process, and potential alternatives only as yet sounded out through intermediaries. They will, however, go back to Arteta.


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