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    The pinging system in Fortnite is undergoing major changes


    The pinging system in Fortnite may be getting a big update, according to the latest leaks. The pinging system was added to the popular video game by Epic Games in Chapter 1 Season 8, but it hasn’t changed much since then.

    The v21.40 update has made a lot of changes, but it looks like Epic is still working on a lot of other features.

    The pinging system in Fortnite is undergoing major changes

    Data miners have found some interesting files in the game data, which suggests that Epic is working on improving the game’s pinging system. No one knows the exact date yet, but since the files are already out, it could be very soon.

    The pinging system in Fortnite might get better in the future.

    The popular video game Fortnite: Save the World has had a pinging system for more than five years. It works in a different way, but players can still mark certain spots and “tag” them so that certain things happen there.

    The battle royale mode, on the other hand, has a great pinging system that was heavily influenced by Apex Legends. Players don’t have many choices with this system, which is why Epic Games is working to make it better.

    The pinging system in Fortnite is undergoing major changes

    Players can ping different places, mark enemies, and mark items right now. Even though the pinging system in Fortnite is simple and easy to use right now, Epic Games could definitely add more options to it.

    One of the most well-known Fortnite leakers, iFireMonkey, has found some interesting files in the game that show how Epic plans to change the pinging system in the future.

    The leaker said that the new pinging system will add many new features to the game, such as:

    • Attacks
    • Dangers
    • Elimination
    • HideItem
    • Move
    • Waypoint
    • Special Item

    Most of these are self-explanatory, but it will be interesting to see what’s different between the current ping that marks an item and the new ping.

    Apex Legends has voice lines that are linked to the pinging system, which is interesting. It would be interesting to see if Epic Games can also make this happen. But the first step in making this happen would be to give every character a voice line, which is a tedious job.

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    Potential release date

    Strangely, the people who leak information about Fortnite haven’t said when this new system might come out. But it looks like Epic Games will put out the v21.50 update for the game on Tuesday, August 30.

    This will be the last big update for Chapter 3 Season 3, and it might not be a surprise if a new pinging system comes out with it.

    There is also a chance that Epic will work on the feature some more and release it with Chapter 3 Season 4. Sunday, September 18 is when the next season will come out, and there’s no doubt that it will add a lot to the game.

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