The price and launch month of the Nothing Phone (1) is filtered


This Android Nothing Phone (1) mobile is receiving the interest of many and now the date on which it will fall is known to know all its specifications.

The Nothing Phone (1) will arrive in this launch window

Just yesterday we learned that the Nothing Phone (1) will have a special design in order to become an attractive Android mobile that will surely have its followers. Now its possible price and its launch window have been leaked in order to take a seat for this terminal that will become one of the most special of 2022.

A month of summer with the Nothing Phone (1)

According to source , and as a source to All Round PC , we know that the Nothing Phone (1) will arrive in July, so the summer will start quite warm with a mobile presented by a company created by one of the co-founders of OnePlus.

Business diversification is a reality for many brands from all kinds of segments, and the Nothing Phone (1) is the best example of how things should be done to cover niches and benefits.

Nothing Phone (1) Launcher

Apart from knowing the launch window for the Nothing Phone (1), clues have also been given about its possible price, just the one that will more or less indicate where this new Android phone will go.

That date has even been given for July 21, but we are still cautious about it to go towards its price, around $534 . And while we do not know its possible specifications, we have to walk on the sidelines until we know some.

At that price we can almost say that we are not facing a flagship, unless another Chinese brand wants to break everything again and invites many to think twice about going to other brands when their specifications dazzle.

We must count on the fact that Carl Pei himself has already suggested that it would offer support for wireless charging , so we already have our suspicions about where the shots can go and if we have to hold on to the chair when we know its specifications.