The Indian Supreme Court gives legal sanction to the destruction of Babri Mosque after 491 years and the construction of Ram Mandir on the same land. The Supreme Court of India give an unfair verdict on Babri Masjid.

The Supreme Court of India, while giving evidence of Hindu High Court, has ruled the worst of human court history in the Babri Masjid. Justice has been denied, which will have dire consequences for India.

Image from Twitter destruction of Babri Masjid
Image: Babri Masjid

The timing of Indian SC’s decision on Babri Masjid Case allowing construction of RamMandir coincides with the opening of Kartarpur corridor. Minorities in India already threatened by extremist ideology will now feel more insecure.

Strong reaction from Muslims of and India and from entire world will seen after Indian SC unfair decision. A bigoted & fascist “Hidutva Ideology” prevails over all judicial merits, norms & merits.
Unfortunately, it also subjugates any religious tolerance or respect for minorities’ rights in Today’s India.Indian Muslims must draw inspiration from these visionaries and begin their political struggle for a separate homeland today.The Hindu majoritarian society will never accept them as their equals.

Today is Iqbal day…
The birthday of the greatest idealogue, visionary, thinker, philosopher poet of the 20th century….
He divided India way before Quaid could physically achieve it.
Today our founding fathers stand vindicated, despite betrayals from within.

Tweet: by Siraj ul Haq
Tweet: by Zahid Hamid

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