There have never been so many games available for mobile consoles. And this is only the start


It’s an excellent moment to be a mobile gamer. The arrival and the recent release of make us think about something that seems undeniable: PC and console games are making their way to mobile phones, and they’re here to stay.

You can carry a console in pocket


Although few people seek maximal power in a phone, the quantitative leaps in chip and memory technology that occur year after year are responsible for the hardware maturity that we now have in telephony. The fact that a mid-range computer can perform as well as a high-end computer from a few years ago (although this dreadful year isn’t really an example) is necessary and becoming increasingly obvious. 

We’ve started standardising the bids because they’ve been arriving so slowly. However, being able to play a hefty PC game in its original version on a mobile phone is a significant achievement. 

Playing Fornite, PUBG, Genshin Impact, League of Legends, or Apex Legends on your phone has become the standard. In some situations, they are adaptations, while in others, they are the identical console and PC versions that may be run from a mobile phone. It no longer surprises us, yet it is a watershed moment. 

In reality, some of these plans include cross-play, allowing us to play against PS4 or Xbox users from our mobile devices. Something that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. 

The large tech firms want a share of the cake


Nobody wants to be left behind in the mobile game. Google has made a significant investment in Stadia, Microsoft is bolstering its Xbox Xcloud platform, Amazon has Moon, and NVIDIA has long offered Force Now. Almost every major tech company is going in this direction, despite the fact that console and PC gaming remain the most popular options. 

By bringing amazing games closer to smartphones, everyone benefits. IT companies earn subscribers to their cloud services. More players are willing to pay money to developers. 

While the profitability of some of these platforms is unknown, it is evident that they are an excellent method to introduce new players to the cloud game. Porting their PC or console versions to mobile also means boosting the number of consumers and, as a result, cash for large video game companies. 

This is only the start. Activision, for example, has already stated that Call of Duty: Warzone will be released for mobile phones. By 2023, a PS4, Switch, and mobile phone version of Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes is expected, and collaborative releases for consoles and phones will become more prevalent.