This is the best build for Barbarian in Diablo Immortal


After our article with everything you need to know to start well in Diablo Immortal, it’s time to stop class by class to explain the best build and let’s start with the Barbarian. This melee fighter boasts absolutely devastating area damage, plus some of the most interesting mobility options in the entire game.

best build for Barbarian in Diablo Immortal

But it is not only that he is a good character in general, but it is so easy to play that it is perfect for those players who want to start in the game without getting too complicated. If you are looking to be able to level up and that the adventure is not heavy, you have found your ideal class.

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The best build for Barbarian in Diablo Immortal


We are not going to give you some specific objects because, although on paper it is the simplest, very few players manage to find the legendaries during their level up. Instead, we’re going to explain which attributes interest you the most and choose your team based on that:

  1. Strength: this is the attribute with which you will hit the most, and being a physical DPS is the one you should always prioritize.
  2. Vitality: enduring in combat is going to be very important during your adventure, and the more vitality you have, the more life you will have.
  3. Fortitude: gives armor penetration, but scales a little worse than strength. Always prioritize strength over fortitude.
  4. Will: affects the altered states applied by the Barbarian. Having few skills that cause these effects, you shouldn’t climb too many points.
This is sreenshot of Diablo Immortal Game


These are the 5 skills you have to have equipped:

1Chained Spear (Level 3)Sprint (Level 18)
2Tagus (Level 1)Demoralize (Level 38)
3Hammer of the Ancestors (Level 1)Hammer of the Ancestors (Level 60)
4Whirlwind (Level 5)Whirlwind (Level 60)

Let’s start with the build of the first levels:

  • Lacerar: each third blow will cure a small part of your health, and will be very useful to sustain.
  • Chained Spear: it will be your main tool to attract enemies and be able to hit several at once to clean up faster.
  • Tagus: a simple blow that does good damage, usually used after attracting enemies with the Chained Spear.
  • Hammer of the Ancestors: a blow to the ground that does quite a bit of damage. It’s one of your main tools of damage.
  • Whirlwind: your source of damage in the main area.
This is screenshot of Diablo Immortal Game

The order would be Spear Chained -> Hammer of the Ancestors -> Whirlwind until the bar is exhausted -> 2 Tajos -> Lacerar while you recover the cooling.

The final build changes a few skills:

  • Tagus goes on to Demoralize: Demoralizing also attracts enemies, but also applies a debuff to enemy damage and makes them some pupa.
  • Chained Spear goes to Sprint: with Sprint you will move VERY fast and you will be able to move between enemies, something key to make Whirlwind even more harmful.

The order would be Demoralize -> Hammer of the Ancestors -> Sprint -> Whirlwind until the bar is exhausted -> Lacerar while you recover the cooling.

Endgame builds for PvE

While it’s still early to start explaining builds by the time you’re done with the story, there’s already a build focused on the Whirlwind being a spiral of death and destruction.

The equipment you will need is as follows:

EAGER MAELSTROMMain weaponLegendaryIt increases the whirlwind radius but makes the speed of moving lower.Eager Maelstrom
THE REMEMBEREDSecondary weaponLegendaryBy using the Hammer of the Ancestors you will invoke a spirit that will stun the enemies affected by the ability and fight alongside you for a while.The Remembered Diablo Immortal
LASTING HATEHeadLegendaryThe duration of Berserker’s cholera increases by 30%.Lasting Hate Diablo Immortal
YDAMA CYCLONEShouldersLegendaryWhirlwind damage increases by 10%.Ydama Cyclone
THE GATHERINGShirtfrontLegendaryWhirlwind attracts the enemies it hurts.The gathering Diablo Immortal
DETERMINATIONLegsLegendaryBrutal Charge can be charged to have more range and do more damage.Determination Diablo Immortal

For the rest of the pieces, the order of attributes that you should look for is as follows:

  1. Strength.
  2. Vitality.
  3. Attack Speed.
  4. Percentage of critics.
  5. Critical damage.

The abilities of the build are the same as those of endgame, changing demoralize for Berserker’s Anger.

The list of normal jewelry is as follows:

  • Citrine x1
  • Topaz x3
  • Sapphire x3
  • Aquamarine x1
  • Tourmaline x4
  • Ruby x1
This is photo of Barbarian in Diablo Immortal

And the legendary ones are as follows:

  • The Famine: you heal 40% of the damage you do and get 567 of life every time you defeat an enemy. The effect can occur once every 20 seconds.
  • Chained Death: Increase the damage of your attacks by 1.50% per hit, up to a maximum of 4.5% to 3 targets.
  • Trick Shot Gem: Your channeled abilities (the Whirlwind, oops) consume 8% less energy.
  • Blessing of the worthy: By taking harm, you have a 20% chance of doing 12% of your maximum life as harm. It can occur once every 20 seconds.
  • Blood-soaked jade: increase your damage by 8% and your movement speed by 10%. The less life you have, the less the bonus will be, the minimum being 4%.
  • Filtered Bile: Your attacks have a 4% chance of poisoning, doing 25% base damage + 263 once every 6 seconds. If the victim dies, the poison spreads to nearby enemies. It cannot affect the same target more than once every 20 seconds.

Finally, the priority of skills that your amulet should raise is Whirlwind -> Berserker’s Cholera -> Lacerar -> Hammer of the Ancestors -> Sprint.