Thousands Of RSS Members Parad At The Streets with Weapons

RSS parade in Telangana, India.

Thousands of RSS Members found parading At The Streets of Telangana with Weapons. A video was published and became viral on social media which shows thousands of RSS Members marching at the streets of Telangana to show their power. Watch the video, below.

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Video: RSS parading on the streets in Telangana, India.

The video of RSS parading on the streets of Telangana was first shared on Twitter by Arjun Sethi, an American base Human rights lawyer, Community Activist.

Arjun Sethi wrote in the Description, Tweet Reads “The whole world must watch this video. As voices of conscience demand justice in India, the RSS is mobilizing in places like Telangana. They want to create a Hindutva republic. The RSS was inspired by the Nazis. Modi himself is a member.”

The show of power by RSS (An Extremist Hindu nationalist group which was declared as a terrorist organisation by the United States) is signalling a grave danger for the Muslims and other minorities in India. Because RSS believes on a complete Hindu dominance in India with no rights for the people of other religions.

Director General Inter-services Public Relations (DG ISPR), Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor calls it “beginning of the end”.

Today the RSS has 45,000 branches, it’s own range of charities & 7 million volunteers preaching it’s doctrine of hate across India. It has gained control over 2 vital organs Intelligence Bureau & Media. Along with the political wing is ruling India. Yes this is filmed in 2019!