Three Brothers accused of Abusing 15-year-old Sister for Years

Girl accused her brothers for abusing her.

A 15-year-old girl, named as Samreen (Urdu: ثمرین) allegedly raped by her three brothers in Golra, Islamabad, Pakistan.

According to details, a video became viral on social media in which a girl accused her three brothers, Sajid, Abid and Wajid of abusing her for more than three years. Watch the statement of the girl in the video, below.
Video: girl accuses her three brothers of assault

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The incident took place in Golra, Islamabad. A sister was living with four brothers after tye death of her parents.

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Video: details of the incident.

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One of the brother is physically disabled, meanwhile other three brothers are married and fit. One of her brothers is religious scholar. Police arrested three brothers After the video statement of the girl became viral on social media.
Video: Summary of the article.