outrage after three missing children found dead after rape in Chunian, Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan.
People are protesting in Kasur after three missing children found dead in Chunian, Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan. people suspect that all three children were raped and murdered.
  • Kasur: Bodies of three missing children were found From sand dunes In Tehsil Chunian near Chunian Bypass.
  • All three children were allegedly raped and killed.
  • The names of children are identified as Faizan (8 years old), Muhammed Imran (Age 12) and Ali Hassan (Age 9).
  • Only the Body of Faizan was found completely. Meanwhile, only Remains and skeletons of the other two children were found.
  • Faizan went missing just one day before, while the other two children have gone missing in the period of last two and a half months.

Kasur: The district Kasur of Punjab, Pakistan has shaken once again after bodies (remains) of three missing children found near Chunia bypass in the sand dunes. Chunian Police recovered the bodies from a sandy ditch on the report of some labourers.

قصور کی تحصیل چونیاں سے تین بچوں کی لاشیں برآمد ہو گئیں،، 8 سالہ فیضان ایک روز پہلے لاپتہ ہوا،،9 سالہ علی حسنین اور8 سالہ سلمان کو دو ماہ قبل اغوا کیا گیا تھا

Posted by Dunya News on Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Video: Dead bodies of Three missing Children In Chunian Industrial area, Kasur were found

According to details, on Tuesday some local labourers found a body of a child in a sandy ditch. on exploring more they found the skeletons of two more children. The labourers informed Chunian police and bodies were recovered. One of the three children is identified as Faizan (Age 8), who was the son of a local Imam Masjid (Prayer leader) Muhammed Ishaq and gone missing on Monday night from Pir Jahanian village in Chunian.

Muhammed Imran (Age 9) went missing from Rana Town on June 3 while Ali Husnain of Ghausiabad went missing on August 8. A Fourth child Suleman Akram (Age 9) from the same area had also gone missing on August 17. Besides Faizan, the other 2 body remains are identified as of Suleman Akram and Ali Husnain (Age 9). Chunian Police Did not found any clue about Muhammed Imran.

Photos of three missing children whose remains were found in Chunian, district Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan.
The photos of three children who were missing and their dead bodies found on Tuesday in Chunian industrial area, District Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan.

The district Police officer (DPO) Kasur Abdul Ghaffar Qaisarani reached the spot along with a massive police force and cordoned off the area. The forensic experts also reached on the incident scene and collected samples and other evidence. The DPO told to media reporters that he has formed teams to trace the culprits and more clues about the missing children and culprits behind their kidnapping. Answering the questions from media reporters, DPO added that rape of all three children would be confirmed after a medical report was issued. But the possibility of murders after rape couldn’t be ruled out.

The locals suspect that it is an organized gang behind the kidnapping of these children.

Local people of Tehsil Chunian were protesting against the police after rapid incidents of missing children. The protestors claim that the police doesn’t take any action after several reports submitted in the police station. Even the attitude of the police is not cooperative with the parents of any missing child.

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As usual, Chief Minister Punjab took notice of the incident and ordered to launch an investigation and find the culprits behind the rapes and murders of these missing children in Kasur. He also said that the Punjab Government will do everything on its best to serve justice to the families of these children.

Past cases of Child Abuse in Kasur

During the last few years, multiple incidents of child abuse were reported. The Hussain Khanwala village of district Kasur pulled worldwide attention in 2015 when an organized racket was exposed. The racket was involved in child pornography and even local politicians (members of Punjab Assembly) were also allegedly part of the racket. Hundreds of video clips emerged showing forcing minor girls and boys into sexual acts and capturing their videos to sale on the dark web and on pornographic websites. The gang cashed millions of dollars by selling these video clips and by blackmailing the families of the victims. Amid a massive campaign for action against this gang on media and social media, no significant arrest was made as people behind this dark business have a strong influence over police and justice system of Punjab.

The whole Pakistani nation shocked once again in January 2018, when a six-year-old Zainab was raped and killed in the same district of Kasur. Ali Imran, The primary suspect in Zainab murder case was arrested on Jan 23, 2018, and was sentenced to death on June 2018. Ali Imran was executed on October 2018.

Child Abuse cases are becoming Big problem in Pakistan and India. Like Zainab-murder-case, several cases of child abuse reported in Pakistan during the past several years. On May 20, 2019, A ten-year-old girl Farishta Mohamand was Raped and Killed by her neighbour. A three years old Fariyal was molested in Abbottabad and a 6 years old girl was raped and killed in Lahore during the period of the last two years. According to the numbers of registered cases of Child Abuse in 2018, every single day, 10 children faced some form of sexual abuse in Pakistan, which was higher in ratio as compared to 2017. People of Pakistan now demands even the death penalty for child abusers in Pakistan.


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