TikTok star Aleeze dance video and pictures in the office of Provincial minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan

TikTok Star Aleeze (Aleezy Cutoo) leaked video in the minister’s office went viral. She arrived at the office of Provincial minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan and made an inappropriate TikTok video and several Pictures while sitting on the official chair of the minister. Watch the video, below.

Viral Video of TikTok Star Aleeze in the ministerial office.

According to details, A dance video of TikTok star Aleeze (also known as Alizeh or Aleezy) , in Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan’s office, went viral on social media and sparked a wave of criticism on PTI PTI government.

Viral video and pictures show TikTok Star Aleeze sitting on a ministerial chair in an inappropriate pose. Some viral pictures show Aleeze standing with Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan for a group photo.

TikTok star Aleeze is sitting on the chair of Provincial minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan

Outrage on Aleeze Viral Video and pictures in Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan’s office

The viral video and pictures of TikTok star sparked outrage on social media and people are condemning the act of TikTok star.

A reaction over Aleeze’s viral TikTok video and pictures.

Many people objected over viral video and pictures of Aleeze because a minister’s office is a confidential place for authorized entry only. “How can a TikTok star enter in the office and sit on the official chair of a public representative for a Vulgar Photoshoot and TikTok videos.”

A Twitter user ‘Nadeem’ wrote: “Is this Islamic Republic of Pak?” See the tweet, below.

Who is Aleeze

Aleeze is a famous Pakistani TikTok star (also Known as Aleeze Catoo) with 1.2 million followers and 20 million likes on her TikTok account (A lip-sync short video sharing Application). Her TikTok id is ‘Aleeze_‘. The unique thing of Aleeze is that she is a transgender and 2nd most famous TikTok star of her gender in Pakistan. (The most famous Transgender TikTok star in Pakistan is Neha Malik)

Aleeze's TikTok Profile
Image: screenshot of her TikTok account

Meanwhile, Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan is currently serving as the Provisional Minister of Punjab for Colonies since 6 July 2019. He has previously served as Provincial Minister of Punjab for Information and Culture from 27 August 2018 to 5 March 2019. He was again appointed on 2 December 2019 as provincial minister for information and culture. He is also a spokesperson for chief minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar.

Yet Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan hasn’t given any response over viral video and pictures, it is not the first time a TikTok star made an entry in minister’s office with him. Earlier in 2019, Hareem Shah has also leaked her pictures and videos with Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan which were captured inside his office.

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