Hareem Shah leaked video scandal

Social media users and Fantasy seekers started talking about TikTok Star Hareem Shah leaked video during the last couple of days. One after another leaked scandals of Pakistani actresses and Celebrities keeping the social media on alert these days. Also: Watch Sheikh Rasheed video call with Tiktok Girls Leaked.


A few days ago some social media pages shared a screenshot image and claimed that “a private (intimate) video of Hareem Shah leaked on the internet”.

We can not upload the private video (intimate) of Hareem Shah here, but you can get Hareem Shah’s leaked video from the link given below.


Watch Here


Without going into details, many jumped into excitement and started asking their fellow friends about Hareem Shah leaked video. Some cool minded people doubted that the viral screenshot is not from “any private video of Tiktok star Hareem Shah” but the majority was curious to find the private video of Tiktok star Hareem. Also, Watch Hareem Shah Leaked Video and Pictures with Bhola Record.

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Video: Hareem Shah Leaked Video Scandal with Sheikh Rasheed.

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I will explain to you the facts behind the viral Screenshot image which was alleged from a private video of Hareem Shah.


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Pakistani Tiktok star Hareem Shah is making headlines during the past few months because of her controversial scandals and Capturing TikTok videos in Foreign office at Prime minister house in Islamabad, Pakistan. Watch some leaked video clips of Hareem Shah, below.

Since the controversial video of Tiktok star inside prime minister house became viral on social media, Fantasy seekers are eager to see more about this beautiful TikTok star. She even put fuel on the fire by her recent bold interview last week. Watch another bold video of TikTok star Hareem Shah, below.

Now we will talk about the recent leaked video of Hareem Shah which is creating fantasy on social media these days. As I told you, it all began with a screenshot image which was alleged as one from a private video of Hareem Shah. Some Twitter account claiming to be Tiktok star Hareem Shah also tried to make the people believe by his tweets that there is some private video of Hareem Shah which got leaked on the internet. Watch the Tweets, below.

Tiktok star Hareem Shah leaked video

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Several other Twitter users posted the screenshot image and claimed that it is from Hareem Shah’s leaked video. Watch below.

Twitter user claiming to possess Private video of Hareem Shah.

But after watching the alleged private video of Hareem Shah, we found that the girl in the video is not Hareem Shah. However, she resembles TikTok star at some points of the video. See the photo of the girl in the alleged private video of Hareem Shah.

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Those who recognise the Tiktok star, can judge it clearly that this girl in the video is not Hareem Shah without any confusion.


We also found out the person who is running the Twitter account on the Name of Tiktok star. The name of the Person is Qari Sanaullah and he was accused of running multiple fake Twitter accounts using the names of several celebrities. He has also posted “Shaheen Afridi Hareem Shah video Call scandal” last month. However, The TikTok Star has already made it clear in an interview that ‘she doesn’t use Twitter at all’ and all the Twitter accounts on her name are “fake”.

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